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    t4tsumihyaku, 1 april 2020 09:42

    #1 Solution: Rejection of Tasks

    Most newbies face problems with the approval of their completed tasks and because I'm quite experienced about this topic and this is why I am writing this article. This article contains the necessary solutions which will help many people to not lose hope in completing tasks because this is the best method to get soul gems.

    Rejection of tasks


    Problems with browser games and not only

    When performing tasks on browser games, I noticed the following tendency: for some reason, it is with browser games that most of the problems appear, as a result of which when sending a screenshot you get constant refusals to approve the task. I also noticed that games that the popular games approve the tasks very quickly, not uncommonly within a few seconds. How is this speed possible? After we upload the screenshot on the task page, the screenshot gets checked by software without human intervention, which may explain the speed of decision making and constant errors. 

    Rejection for no apparent reason

    To avoid the development of a situation in which, having completed the task, you will be left without reward, you need to do the following (suitable for non-browser games):

    Firstly, upload a screenshot on the page with this game on the Gamehag website by clicking on the "complete the task" button

    Secondly, wait until your task is rejected  (who knows, maybe it might get approved...)

    Thirdly, contact Misty. The ticket you're gonna send to Misty has to include: The issue, the title of the game, evidence. By evidence, I mean to send a screenshot which proves that you actually completed the task... But how? It's very easy. You can use prnt.sc to send screenshots to Misty (by using a link). It also depends on the circumstances and which task exactly you've attempted to complete... You might have to add more details about the issue.

    Fourthly after a while, your task will be approved and you will receive a мессаге, as well as, most likely, and a message from Misty that your assignment has been approved OR maybe disapproved because the task could be incorrectly / inaccurately formulated. 

    Once, I was completing a War Thunder task for the first time and it was rejected because I was making multiple accounts. Everything in about the task was OK, I made a screenshot of the entire screen and I didn't expect any rejection. I didn't understand what they meant by "Multiple accounts", like, multiple accounts on War Thunder or Gamehag? I was like "It's probably War Thunder! But what the...I didn't make any multiple accounts on the game...". After some time, I noticed that making multiple accounts on Gamehag is illegal and then I understood why the task was rejected. After removing the accounts and reuploading the task next time, It was approved. So, never make multiple accounts on Gamehag.


    Once, I uploaded a Crossout task, but it was rejected because I used the same account I used to complete the War Thunder task, so when you're completing any task, make sure you make a separate account for each task, but please note that your in-game accounts have to be similar to the one you have on Gamehag, so the Gamehag team will know that the tasks belong to you. 
    Example: On Gamehag your nickname is PotatoDisguise1... So on War Thunder, your nickname could be PotatoDisguise1 too, but if you're completing a Crossout task after that, you aren't allowed to use the same name. Just, you have to think of a similar name to this one.. here's another example of a name: PotatoooDisguise1; P0tat0Disguise11 or other. 


    In general, how to avoid every future rejection?

    Most likely, it is impossible to avoid this, but what to do in a case of rejection? First, you need to understand whether you are mistaken or the task isn't formulated correctly. Go to the game page and read the comments. If people write that they reject the task or say that there is no such task, the conclusion is obvious. If there are no comments that the assignment is incorrectly formulated, this doesn't mean that it is truly formulated correctly. To determine in this case who is wrong, you need to understand the following. All these tasks are designed to make people familiar with the game. If you have significantly advanced in the game, but still haven’t found the necessary task, you should think about the incorrect wording and try to take a screenshot of the completed tasks by sending it to the support team. 


    If you think that those tips and my experience have helped you, please, let me know below in the comment section!

    Image source: Google (Gamehag to be exact)

    Rate this article #1 Solution: Rejection of Tasks

    (4.54/5) 279 rates



    11 april 2020 16:37

    I like

    13 april 2020 21:11

    hi guys how u doing

    15 april 2020 05:29

    nice article! :D

    20 april 2020 12:22

    Awesome article lol I should have read this before starting playing war thunder and applying for rewards 😭 rejections suckss

    27 april 2020 09:41

    my task is rejected before but after i read this article my task is verified thanks to you

    26 may 2020 15:35

    i didn't play these game yet but thanks anyways for this article

    27 may 2020 12:06

    really good it helps !!

    2 june 2020 08:53

    The task some really good for earn soul gem

    11 august 2020 10:00

    Hey guys, welcome back to another article made by me of course! Today, we are going to move on from browser/pc games and talk about a popular video game franchise made by Nintendo and it's called Super Smash Brothers. But before we begin, I just want to clarify that this is my third article on Gamehag and if you have some feedback after reading this, please write it in the comment section! Now without further ado, let's talk about Super Smash Brothers and it's history!

    What is Super Smash Brothers?
    Super Smash Brothers is a fighting video game series that features game characters from various different genres, most of them however, are from video games made by Nintendo.


    Caption: Here's some gameplay of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, featuring 4 Nintendo Characters fighting: Mario, Link, Inkling, and Donkey Kong
    Great! But Who Designed the Game and When was it Made?
    As of now, there are currently 5 Smash Brothers games with the oldest one being called Super Smash Bros. and the newest one Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The first one was officially released in Japan in 1999 for the Nintendo 64. It only featured 12 Nintendo characters with 4 being unlockables. Masahiro Sakurai, the person who created the game, decided to release a sequel called Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Gamecube and that's when the series truly began.

    Caption: Here's the character selection screen of the original game, featuring the 12 fighters that we still know today
    Unlike other fighting games, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is pretty unique. Instead of a bar indicating your health for when you get hurt, there's is a percentage icon. At the start of each game, everyone starts at 0%. But as you get hurt, your percentage will go up and the higher it is, you will have a higher chance of getting launched off the screen and dying. Pretty cool huh? Well, that doesn't stop there since every fighter has a special moveset and a standard moveset. The "special" moveset that each fighter has is pretty unique since that's what makes a fighter special from every other fighter. The standard moveset however, is different and it has all of the basic moves that a fighter needs such as punching or jumping. (The standard moveset is still edited to fit a fighter's behavior though. For example, a fighter can jump higher than others.)

    Caption: An example of a special move that Luigi is using during the game
    Cool! What Else Do I need to Know About the Game?
    Well for starters, there are current 75 fighters you can play in the game. (Excluding the unannounced DLC fighters and echo fighters, which are like clones to other characters in the game.) When you first start the game though, you're only going to see 8 of them and you will need to unlock the rest one by one. (It's hard, I know...) Besides the fighters, there are also stages that you can play in the game! These stages vary in size and they can have stage hazards which can interfere your gameplay in a fun way. (Sometimes, it can be quite annoying though.) If you want, you can also have items which are extremely unfair and they can destroy your mood for the rest of the day as well.

    Caption: Here's the stage selection screen for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Where can I play Super Smash Bros?
    Gosh, where can I began? Well, if you own a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite, you can get the newest game which is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. If you don't and you own an older Nintendo gaming system, such as a 3ds, you can get Super Smash Bros. for 3ds which is an older game in the series and has less features than Ultimate but if you really want to play it, you can still play it!

    Personally, I think Nintendo has done an awesome job for Ultimate since it's been over a year and I'm still playing the game with my friends online everyday! The community for Smash is exploding and every week, they have fun events and tournaments that feature other games that aren't even related to Smash! If your new to Smash and you want to get this game yourself as a Nintendo fan, you can get it! So yeah, there you have it! My third article on Gamehag!Wvd6jj7EWUKUKPvSwtwMKjnwEbZOF1.jpg

    Caption: Isabelle is sure having fun today...

    Editor's Note: Like I said earlier, this is only my third article on Gamehag so if you want to give me feedback, I would appreciate it! People letting me know if they want more content like this or not is extremely helpful and it's fun reading the comments that you guys wrote! So until my next article, goodbye and have a chill day!

    (4.65/5) 75 rates

    14 april 2020 22:09