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    CoD: Black Ops III | H1Z1 | Doom

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    Doom / CoD: Black Ops III / H1Z1 King of the Kill / Deus Ex Mankind Divided / Top Trumps Turbo /  Battlefield 4 / KnightShift / 24 Hours til Rescue / Fall of Civilization / Elements: Soul of fire / Grey

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    Heroes at War

    Heroes at War is a great MMO RTS where you can build your own kingdom from scratch and use your strategy abilities to enlarge your lands and show the other players who is the most powerful! Enlarge your army to conquer the others and create your omnipotent empire!In this world of heroes you will have to show how courageous you a...


    Mythic Glory

    Mythic Glory is a MMORPG browser game, where the player can choose between three different types of characters to deal with powerful opponents.The fantastic world is waiting for the corageous explorers that will not be afraid to walk into this magic kingdom.It is very significant to develop your character, inventory and group of...



    Warface is a free-to-play FPS game created by the famous Crytek studio. If you're familiar with such titles as Far Cry or Crysis, then you'll surely know what to expect from this publisher - a pure action!A New World Order emerged and it's up to you which side will you help in the serious conflict between two major factions - Wa...