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Star Stable is a skill game addressed mainly to the girls. We’ll impersonate a young girl, spending her time on the Jorvik island, which is passionated by horse riding.

The island itself, according to the legend, formed when a shining star fell to these previously infertile, lifeless lands. From the star came out a mysterious girl on a horse, which by glowing the surrounding area, galloped at the surface of the water. Wherever the light outcoming from the girl has fallen, the place began to pulsate with life.

For now, Jorvik is known for horse breeding. They say, that whenever the island is in danger, the mysterious girl on a horse shall appear, to save Jorvik from its destruction.

Now, when an evil corporation wants to take over the lands belonging to the stud farm, it seems that this is the best time for the heroine to appear.

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