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    The mysterious world of Forsaken World, with every passing moment, is discovering new possibilities and travelling through endless lands of Eyry, you surely won't miss them. In the game you will meet friends with whom you will experience exciting adventures or create a guild, but also enemies, and with these you will fight the mad battles to the last drop of blood. 

    There are seven races and ten character classes to choose from, so each player is be able to customize his character as he or she desires, all thanks to an enhanced personalization system. In addition to the classes we can also get a profession that will further diversify the gameplay.

    Lots of tasks to do, bosses to kill, items to get and improvements, and trophies will surely be spent in game time, so don’t hesitate and join Forsaken World right now!

    Newest players from Forsaken World (in total 6414 users are playing)

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    14 november 2017 20:12

    50 gems, downloadable... no please :c

    14 november 2017 21:19


    15 november 2017 00:01

    not bad game

    15 november 2017 00:22

    task refused twice in a row. What's your problem Misty?

    17 november 2017 18:14

    not bad

    18 november 2017 18:41


    18 november 2017 19:47


    19 november 2017 10:58

    Thanks gamehag !!!

    21 november 2017 15:23


    22 november 2017 01:59



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