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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Crossout

    10/10, Although I didn't play much, just generally saw it on youtube and it looked interesting.

    14 may 2019 21:40

    idk,reminds me of cs but looks cool tbh

    14 may 2019 23:35

    crossout is a nice game to play

    15 may 2019 14:02

    i like the creative aspect

    22 may 2019 03:19

    how to play?

    23 may 2019 03:05

    who kill mega boos

    23 may 2019 14:01

    this is the best game ever

    25 may 2019 03:00

    I LOVE this epic Game :D

    25 may 2019 20:13

    I always played this game.. Im really glad I know Crossout!

    26 may 2019 18:21

    The image has a guy with a sword. I now see the car, but I didn't think this was a car game. More like a post-apocalyptic world with swords. Also, I'm pretty sure I played against bots: I destroyed 2 players in my first match without taking any damage. Every other match, the enemies had better looking cars, while our team mostly consisted of rusty old nooby cars.

    And with that, we still manage to obliterate them, losing one teammember max during a match. I'm pretty sure I fought against bots, because no way that a new guy like my can have a 25 winning streak, and 0 losses.

    Whether they were actually bots or not, the game counted it as a win against live players. I got my soul gems for playing less than an hour, and they arrived within minutes after posting a screenshot. Keep in mind, that if you played Warthunder, you'd need to register with another email. Log in with the already registered account and you probably won't get anything.........

    31 may 2019 18:26

    It's a cool game, needs a bigger player data base, the tutorial needs a bit more work, little confusing at first on how the building system works

    1 june 2019 21:54

    This game is great, it has somewhat decent graphics and I'm pretty sure even a potato computer can run this. Overall action 8/10, weapons need a revamp some of the weapons are far too op or far too weak. If you do enjoy explosions and shooting this is the game for you! Also, a great way to earn some sg!

    3 june 2019 05:10

    Hi, where are you looking at the winnings? I, at the pendants menu item, apologize for English with google translate (translated with google translate)

    5 june 2019 18:29

    why is my screenshot rejected it shows my wins and the screenshot is good quality

    11 june 2019 16:31

    so uuh i have the full screenshot of the victories and my name but they just keep saying that the pic aint gud enough

    12 june 2019 21:10

    is good game on dis game you can build you on sipeder nad allot wat you wont and is nid to get gems 15wins way dis a ard

    14 june 2019 21:52

    Oyunu oynayacaktım ama yorumlardan sonra oynamamaya karar verdim. çoğu yorum olumsuz

    17 june 2019 13:28

    i just posted 16 wins got rejected. what do i need exactly 15 wins for it to count?

    17 june 2019 20:07

    nice game worth checking out(even tho u cant see your wins directly)

    18 june 2019 14:58

    cool game im about to complete my task number 1

    18 june 2019 19:18

    very good game~ i like it~ Really cool game

    19 june 2019 08:44

    great game buy the way i swear i tryed it today

    19 june 2019 19:15

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