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    2400 2760
    Soul Gems

    For 3 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 15 battles

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Crossout

    Really easy to level up if you win! good game as well

    1 october 2017 12:53

    **** this wasted my time for refused unbokmark this

    2 october 2017 17:06

    The image has a guy with a sword. I now see the car, but I didn't think this was a car game. More like a post-apocalyptic world with swords. Also, I'm pretty sure I played against bots: I destroyed 2 players in my first match without taking any damage. Every other match, the enemies had better looking cars, while our team mostly consisted of rusty old nooby cars.

    And with that, we still manage to obliterate them, losing one teammember max during a match. I'm pretty sure I fought against bots, because no way that a new guy like my can have a 25 winning streak, and 0 losses.

    Whether they were actually bots or not, the game counted it as a win against live players. I got my soul gems for playing less than an hour, and they arrived within minutes after posting a screenshot. Keep in mind, that if you played Warthunder, you'd need to register with another email. Log in with the already registered account and you probably won't get anything.

    3 october 2017 14:38

    why complaining dracindo? if it takes less than 1h, why not? just be happy :P

    3 october 2017 21:28

    edit: i played it myself now. i think barely real people play this game, thats why the system add Ai-Players to the game. otherwise you will not be able to start a game.
    but generally, i love short-round-games. games like war thunder, where a game lasts 20+ min is too much.

    3 october 2017 23:51

    what do i take a picture of? where do i find my stats?

    4 october 2017 01:54

    for anyone asking on how to find their win progress, click your in-game avatar then select medals at the top-left side then on its drop down options click mission then see if you already got 20+ mission victories. Hope this helps

    4 october 2017 10:37

    how do i prove i completed this?

    6 october 2017 02:26

    il ya des francais ?

    6 october 2017 02:27

    +20% today. But-but-but I already completed it! D:

    RIP 144 Soul Gems

    6 october 2017 09:13

    not working refused

    7 october 2017 03:17

    Refused :(

    7 october 2017 21:29

    Gotta love how I got all gems from low-profit free-to-play games, but this one is taking forever hahahahaha.

    8 october 2017 17:56

    Im done get my completed a task for this game.
    But im Tires play hours 2 get wins 20

    9 october 2017 18:15

    How do I reset my account to get this quest? I already created an account and I know I can't use that to complete it.

    13 october 2017 04:54

    It only takes an hour to complete, really. Maybe 30 minutes longer.

    13 october 2017 12:29

    is it ok if I download the Steam version?

    15 october 2017 08:40

    how do you see how many wins you have

    17 october 2017 13:02

    nice game !

    17 october 2017 13:27

    Good game, addictig actually, i can't stop playing it... but forget about your promissed Soul Gems, they never give you your reward for task completion. Completed and won more than 400 battles (the task is to complete 20), took a screenshot of my achievements proving it, still got my request denied, they didn't explain why. If you're gonna play this game play it for fun, cuz if you're looking for rewards you're wasting time.

    18 october 2017 18:50

    Seriously Gamehag crew, you guys should explain a little better what criteria you guys use to reward players for task completion, cuz Crossout's look a little vague.

    18 october 2017 18:54

    @toscanolucas2 You need to have new account , this is only reason they refused yours.

    19 october 2017 02:24

    Thanks for the feedback guys.... but what you mean exactly by "i need to have new account"? (didn,t even know my account was "old"... and it's not) Seriously, don't know what this means

    19 october 2017 18:20

    Why is there no chat in this game? I'm getting stressed lol:grimacing:

    19 october 2017 22:57

    Why refused??

    19 october 2017 23:56

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