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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Crossout

    finally this link is working!

    23 september 2017 08:39

    The image has a guy with a sword. I now see the car, but I didn't think this was a car game. More like a post-apocalyptic world with swords. Also, I'm pretty sure I played against bots: I destroyed 2 players in my first match without taking any damage. Every other match, the enemies had better looking cars, while our team mostly consisted of rusty old nooby cars.

    And with that, we still manage to obliterate them, losing one teammember max during a match. I'm pretty sure I fought against bots, because no way that a new guy like my can have a 25 winning streak, and 0 losses.

    Whether they were actually bots or not, the game counted it as a win against live players. I got my soul gems for playing less than an hour, and they arrived within minutes after posting a screenshot. Keep in mind, that if you played Warthunder, you'd need to register with another email. Log in with the already registered account and you probably won't get anything.

    3 october 2017 14:38

    why complaining dracindo? if it takes less than 1h, why not? just be happy :P

    3 october 2017 21:28

    edit: i played it myself now. i think barely real people play this game, thats why the system add Ai-Players to the game. otherwise you will not be able to start a game.
    but generally, i love short-round-games. games like war thunder, where a game lasts 20+ min is too much.

    3 october 2017 23:51

    Why have I been refused when it says clearly 20/100 wins against live players? Can anyone from staff plz explain what I have to do to prove that I have completed the mission?

    24 december 2017 16:21

    where is the Mission of Courage and madness

    3 january 2018 18:15

    very good gamea

    2 september 2018 10:29

    its not 20 wins it just battles click on your character on the top right and look there

    19 december 2018 23:50

    i just posted 16 wins got rejected. what do i need exactly 15 wins for it to count?

    25 december 2018 18:11

    I am having a problem with receiving credits too, I played 15 games but my screenshot got rejected.

    24 january 2019 03:14

    Nice game. I really like the graphics tho

    6 april 2019 19:27

    very interesting and productive game

    7 april 2019 10:37

    very nice and intelengent game very recommended

    7 april 2019 10:37

    for anyone asking on how to find their win progress, click your in-game avatar then select medals at the top-left side then on its drop down options click mission then see if you already got 20+ mission victories. Hope this helps

    13 april 2019 20:33

    who reject my screenshot, you can litterly read the amount of wins and you reject it!?

    15 april 2019 17:22

    i like the game

    16 april 2019 08:47

    Note: To view your games click on your username while signed up and it will say stats of your games

    17 april 2019 16:37

    like this game very intencive

    18 april 2019 16:44

    i dont know how the first task got accepted, i did the follwing things: i got 15 wins and tried to show gamehag the medals and that didnt work, so then i went to discord and said on the commutiny help page and lounge page how to get the crossout reward, then i opened a ticket with misty two times one with why my task wasnt accepted when it said to trya again, then a for no particular reason decided to create another ticket about automated sg games that dont require screen shots., then i uploaded a normal screenshot of my proflie picture where it shows my battles played and i got accepted.

    19 april 2019 02:11

    This game is very fun,i played this about 3 years ago.I recommend to give a try.

    19 april 2019 10:05

    Nice game

    19 april 2019 20:22

    Good game , kind of look like mad max

    19 april 2019 20:32

    ...click your in-game avatar then select medals at the top-left side then on its drop down options click mission then see if you already got 20+ mission victories. Hope this helps....i did this,and stil get rejected...its scam that for sure....**** this they blame yourself,and i blame myself to get lost jumping frog game.....bastardzzz

    19 april 2019 23:59

    Really cool game

    20 april 2019 20:22

    For me it laggs a litlle bit but I still like it

    20 april 2019 20:57

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