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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Crossout

    where to screenshot the first task?

    15 september 2019 19:50

    i can't do the first task and that si very bad

    15 september 2019 20:05

    this game seems great but it cant run on my pc because of my region

    16 september 2019 05:43

    which tab should i take a screenshot from??

    16 september 2019 11:59

    yeah i wish i could play it buti cant hopefully one day i can

    16 september 2019 13:00

    and im allmost lv 3 just a few more comments and i will finnaly create thearades and stuff

    16 september 2019 13:01

    im almost there just a few more i can do it

    16 september 2019 13:02

    Rlly good game and had fun playing with good rewards

    16 september 2019 19:16

    where to take screenshot for 1st challenge

    16 september 2019 19:18

    oynayan varsa pre gırebılırızoynayan varsa pre g

    16 september 2019 23:39

    hello i wish i have gaming pc so i can play crossout and ik this game verry good cuz i watch it alot and its very amazing gamehello i wish i have gaming pc so i can play crossout and ik this game verry good cuz i watch it alot and its very amazing game

    17 september 2019 16:33

    31 lvl have 1 friend pls go play with me

    17 september 2019 19:42

    never tried this game, but i will give it a shot though

    18 september 2019 17:49

    Stupid task, keeps rejecting screenshot and provides no further guidance. Useless site

    19 september 2019 06:04

    its great its fun its unique even doe i never played it bfore

    19 september 2019 10:45

    When we are speaking about a Gaijin game,

    20 september 2019 18:47

    it is a good game but the first task is retarded

    20 september 2019 20:27

    hello guys i completed the first task by sending a ticket to misty now i need to win 25 battles!!!!!!!!!!!

    21 september 2019 11:47

    It takes to much to verify the first task

    21 september 2019 11:57

    tbh never played it but seems acualy fun

    21 september 2019 13:20

    I started playing this game purely for the gems, but it is actually very fun and I will continue to play it even after completing all the gamehag challenges! If anyone is having issues claiming the gems, upload a screenshot of the game in windowed mode with you gamehag account in the background. Although this is likely to be denied, then just query it with Gamehag support and they'll complete the task for you. Good luck!

    21 september 2019 13:23

    how you know how much batteles did you win??

    21 september 2019 16:08

    Good Game I'll keep playing this game those cars are cool

    21 september 2019 21:56

    Thanks A Lot Men Thanks Thanks A Lot Men Thanks!!

    22 september 2019 02:09

    hi am giorgi I need help for this game can you help my I dont know thos game hahahah I kiding I need xp for level and :) dd

    22 september 2019 08:23

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