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    2400 2520
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    For 3 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 15 battles

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Crossout

    Why do you regect the tasks I have done everything as described and why is no one respoding to our tickets ?

    19 january 2019 16:17

    I done 15 battels but no not yet why......?

    20 january 2019 06:04

    its a great game for farming soulgems

    20 january 2019 18:40

    I am having a problem with receiving credits too, I played 15 games but my screenshot got rejected.

    24 january 2019 03:14

    If anyone has problems with getting credited for these tasks (screenshots are getting denied) submit a support ticket, these guys are very effective and very fast to answer and help. Thank you gamehag!

    24 january 2019 04:11

    Worth doing, but you need to know that it might fail sometimes..

    24 january 2019 05:59

    Guys if your screenshots get rejected just get help from Gamehad Discord, i asked for help and my screenshot got accepted in less than a hour.

    24 january 2019 16:48

    make sure you pop up your task bar

    25 january 2019 01:39

    really:sweat_smile: nice game can you put more rewards for it plzzzzzzzz

    26 january 2019 02:07

    guys write a ticket I didn't find the games played in the game so I asked them to help me. do the task wait for a response then send a ticket

    26 january 2019 02:10

    What happens if I already have played this game about 2 years ago and have a lot more than 15 battles?

    26 january 2019 22:45

    Cool game to play with some friends, fast paced battles and some fun vehicle customization, for 2K gems it definitely worth a try.

    27 january 2019 08:57

    *** is happening i can't get my souls and it tell's me that the sceen shot is wrong ?

    27 january 2019 09:50

    Just downlod it cant w8 to start playing

    27 january 2019 22:13

    The tasks are broken or somethings wrong with it!
    I got refused WDK!!

    28 january 2019 19:54

    which is the best way to show your battles/wins?

    29 january 2019 14:34

    why doesent this work i have sent like five diffrent screenshots and all have been refused

    31 january 2019 14:46

    It is not a scam, you have to have the same nickname in the game as on the Gamehag. If you have another nickname you can open a ticket to prove that you have completed the task.

    31 january 2019 15:17

    i dont get it. it says play 15 games. It doesnt say win 15.

    31 january 2019 20:04

    its crossout need more then 1 vehicle to fight like on madmax am i right or im wromg lol?

    1 february 2019 15:41

    where to get how many games i played ? really good games ?

    2 february 2019 06:00

    It says win 30 matches, i uploaded a screenshot with the 30 wins and did not get accepted...why?

    3 february 2019 06:01

    You have to click your profile picture to check your wins. Also write them a ticket i u get rejected

    3 february 2019 14:58

    i maked all misions and she reject me

    3 february 2019 15:09

    you play game is gamehag to finish the task and get the sg right? But if you play like 5 hour and get the task complect and send the screenshot expected to get the sg and every time they refusing ?what will be in your mind? now way man. Dont weast your time in this game.

    3 february 2019 16:58

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