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    Contracts not working

    I did many contracts related to apps and they didn't work. I installed and opened the app, but it still doesn't give me any SG. Some of the quiz ones don't work either. Tell me what I should do. I have already talked to Misty, she can't do anything about it. Thanks.

    4 march 2019 11:49 1628

    contact with them , ask them about the contract , it may help you

    4 march 2019 12:09 1628

    Well, there nothing to help you! You need to wait until the exp time and go to the desktop site and click on have problem... One under the contest tab and then fill in the requirement (only the contest one that works not survey)

    4 march 2019 12:17 1628

    contact with Misty

    4 march 2019 12:45 1628

    contact with misty ;)

    5 march 2019 00:02 1628

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