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    don't you think Gamehag needs to do something about informing new players that they need to be at least level 3 to collect rewards? Today after I collected enough SGs to get 10$ Steam wallet I get that I need to be level 3 and I'm on level 2 80% and there is only one day left for lunar sale, I'm worried maybe I couldn't buy the game cuz the next sale is about 130 days. comment your opinion!

    10 february 2019 20:59 1628

    No I'm not telling that you remove level 3 limit, I'm telling that just put a notification on profile or elsewhere that we get to know it when we register for first time.

    10 february 2019 21:08 1628

    I'm only level 1 and I so happened to open up the forums and the first thing I see, is "Level 3 notification." I was easily notified by the community rather than the devs and I think that is worth something atleast.

    11 february 2019 02:33 1628

    give me gems pls

    6 september 2020 07:46 1628

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