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    Black Squad

    There are some great free-to-play online games available. Some of them are very popular. Like Warframe. Paladins, Dota 2 and many more. Today I am going to introduce yet another great free-to-play online game to you.

    Black Squad

    Developer: NS Studio

    Publisher: NS Studio, Neowiz Games

    Platforms: Microsoft Windows.

    Release Date: July 28, 2017

    Price: Free

    Black Squad is an online free-to-play video game developed by NS Studio and published by NS Studio and Neowiz Games. It is available in steam. There are plenty of things about this game that I want to tell you. Like game modes, guns, skins, characters, graphics of this game etc.

    Lets start with game modes. Now, Black Squad has a lot of game modes. There are some classical modes like Demolition and TDM which fast-paced. There are still many game modes available. Like Assassination, Capture, Airborne, Survival mode, Rifle mode, Sniper mode, Pistol-only mode etc.

    In Assassination, there are two teams. Peacemaker and Viper circle. Each team consists 5 to 10 players. Peacemaker team will try to protect the VIP while Viper circle team will try to kill the VIP. If Viper circle manages to kill the VIP, then they would have to run from there with a chopper.

    Airborne is kinda like TDM but with more players and a bigger map. There is a target score. The team which will reach the score first will win the match.

    There are different maps for each mode. Although you can play some modes on maps which belongs to a different mode.


    Black Squad has some of the coolest guns. Like, Ak Zhukov, AK12 etc. Each gun of this game will keep the record that how many kills you got with it. Headshot's and fatal shot's count would be different. Oh, I forget to tell one thing. You have to buy guns from the shop by in-game currencies. In Black Squad, in-game currencies are golds, medals, bs coins, and bullets. Don't worry, you will get plenty of these(except bullets cause you have to buy them with real money). Let's get back to the guns. Certain guns in the game have a grenade launcher. It is as written in the gun's name. If a gun name has GL in it. then it means that it has a grenade launcher. There some guns with really very high recoil. You have to learn how to control them before using them. AK 47 is also available in this game. There are also some expensive skins available in this game. You can get them from boxes which can be acquired during different events. if you are lucky enough then you can also get those expensive skins and sell them on the steam market. I have attached some photos of the gun and its skins. 


    (AK47 GL LATERN)

    (AK 12 GL BLACK CAT)



    There are both male and female characters available in Black Squad. Both male and female characters are nice looking and awesome.



    I am ending this article here. Hope you liked it and thank you very much for reading the article. :)  

    8 february 2019 06:21 1625

    I play this game and i can recommend it to everyone

    8 february 2019 10:31 1625

    i like this game it's amazing

    10 february 2019 11:10 1625

    great review recomand this game

    10 february 2019 20:55 1625

    Free to play games have become really good

    12 february 2019 10:32 1625

    Great writing bro ;)

    15 february 2019 20:59 1625

    a downgraded version of cod tbh

    16 april 2021 04:31 1625

    Bro great whriten but this game is dead and all time just cheater i play it to 2 years

    16 april 2021 16:41 1625

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