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    【Article Voting】Plagiarised Authors

    Since there are many articles on the site that were plagiarised, and even the same authors does the same thing even having it approved or rejected, and somehow people doesn't know if the article they see is plagiarised or not...

    So I thought making this thread of listing people who plagiarised, so people may consider checking the article before giving it a vote when looking at articles written by that person.

    AuthorPlagiarised Articles
    @farrelwizLearning English Through Video Games, Is It Effective? (Still in voting process)
    Many Artists Demand Dance Royalty To Fortnite , Can It Be Legal?
    + others 76 more articles
    @mrshift01GRIS - Review
    + others 8 more articles (at least 1 seems to be legit)
    @_loliconics__moch_f13Articles are still in voting process, but it's plagiarised

    27 december 2018 21:07 1628

    The moderators should take a look at this one. I have sent this thread link to @Kabash

    28 december 2018 00:09 1628

    thx @myStery24, since lately there are many articles that are plagiarised but looks like approved, so maybe many people voted yes to them.

    So making this for people just in case to consider before voting

    Well these days are holidays so maybe too many work for the mods and tech guys 😅

    28 december 2018 00:15 1628

    Alright, thanks for the heads-up @jonsson__john! I really appreciate it. 😄

    I'll also forward this the Gamehag Admins and other Moderators so that they can be on the lookout for such users.

    Additionally, if you have any more users to report for plagiarism, kindly do so within this thread so that I may check it periodically from time to time.

    28 december 2018 02:44 1628

    Good work! We appreciate your help!
    If anyone else knows of any plagiarists please let us know via PM or on the forum.
    They will be permanently banned

    28 december 2018 03:29 1628

    Just an update.
    @farrelwiz has been permanently banned from Gamehag's Site due to multiple counts of plagiarism. Thank you for your report!

    28 december 2018 08:39 1628

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