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    Era of Celestials - Character Lost

    Couldn't find a game category, so I'll try asking it here. Through the mobile app, I installed Era of Celestials for the contract to get SG after leveling your character to 160. I got my character up to 110 and then exited the game because I had stuff to do :P Now, whenever I log back into the game, my character is gone, and have to make a new one. Anyone had this issue? If I can't get my character back, I don't see a reason to continue playing the game. Also, is this contract for the mobile version only, or can I play on desktop as well? (I went to the web page, and there is an option to play all their games on desktop as well). Thank you! :)

    13 november 2018 00:08 1628

    bump for help

    13 november 2018 07:08 1628

    Seems ljke a technical issue, contact support

    13 november 2018 07:36 1628

    i dont have point

    13 november 2018 09:26 1628

    This happens to me everytime I change my region or stuff OR even if I leave the game. I understand that maybe if you choose another region you'll need to make another char, but for real... You lose the other one 4 evef? I had lv 106 and I exited the game and lost it... Same issue here.

    5 december 2018 13:47 1628

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