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    I accidentally sell a rune, can I get it back?

    As the title said... I accidentally sell the rune instead of activating it... Is it possible to get it back?

    7 november 2021 07:57 1628

    yes , it is possible to get back just don't lose your hope . stay safe and happy

    7 november 2021 09:00 1628

    i dont think you can, unless you actively use the runes its pointless and okay to sell

    7 november 2021 10:53 1628

    No it will remain as a dream because if you sell a rune then you cant get it back ...,.try your luck in chests.

    10 november 2021 16:11 1628

    Sadly there's no way to get your rune back you just sold it I'm sorry for you I wish I could do something

    12 november 2021 10:09 1628

    what do you get for selling runes?

    12 november 2021 15:09 1628

    what was the rune? maybe it wasn't that bad selling it

    12 november 2021 16:28 1628

    The only rune htat you have a reason for selling is th eberkana rune, all the other ones can be utilized really well

    12 november 2021 17:02 1628

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