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    I completed the tasks of league of angels III then i went to try league of angels II.

    Guys you have to use a new email to be able to play otherwise you will receive messages like this Please, keep in mind that only new players are able to complete tasks from games. We strive to provide equal chances for everyone, so we can accept screenshot only if you haven't played the game before, and that seems not to be the case here.

    18 september 2018 23:39 1628

    the first game installed was league of angels III so how can I not be a new player when I installed the app after I started League of Angels III

    18 september 2018 23:43 1628

    League of Angels and Arc have this issue. all of the other servers offer the selection to use multiple games with the same account

    18 september 2018 23:45 1628

    Yeah it happens

    19 september 2018 01:18 1628

    Two different games owned by one company, you created one account with the company, you need a new account per game. So 1 email for LoA2 and another for LoA3.
    But yes Gamehag should make this clearer.

    19 september 2018 01:33 1628

    thanks for the info

    19 september 2018 03:03 1628

    The thing is that they passed me on task 1 then rejected me on task 2

    19 september 2018 07:24 1628

    Startrek from arc and neverwinter have the same issue
    The thing is that my graphics card doesn't work with star trek so I enrolled on the laptop tgen signed in and installed on the Xbox one, now I need to become gold member to play

    19 september 2018 07:29 1628

    Odd how they accepted the 1st task, maybe you just slipped through the net.
    (Maybe see if you can sign up for the geforce now beta if your havin trouble running the games? you'd need a decent connection though)

    19 september 2018 17:48 1628

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