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    Unable to earn SG from mini-games in the app and TV zone on the website

    When I open the mini games page on the app, a message is displayed saying "Whoa friend! Enough is enough! To gain more soul gems for the mini-games you have to complete some tasks in a game or a contract". I went and did a contract (survey) and was credited for doing that but I still get the message for the mini games.

    A similar message is displayed for probably 2 or 3 days now when I try to use the TV zone in the desktop browser, saying I need to complete a task to continue earning SG. When I first got the error I did a task and tried again, then did another one the next day and still couldn't get the message to go away.

    Has anyone had this problem before? Can anyone suggest what I should do?

    Also I should add that I was able to use the TV zone before and earn gems fine but I haven't earned any gems from the mini games at all.

    3 november 2020 04:56 1628

    i also have the problem in tv zone and mini game but not in app zone

    3 november 2020 18:28 1628

    TV zone seems to be working again for me now but the mini games still show the same message.

    4 november 2020 07:16 1628

    i am finding this message on mini games only...

    11 january 2021 06:27 1628

    @viperlife21 You get 1 SG per x amount of points (each game has a different amount of points requred to earn SG), for example Stick Santa gives you 1SG per 30 points. I play them on the app sometimes, you can find them in the app drawer, otherwise on the site here's a direct link: https://gamehag.com/minigames and yes you need adblock off if you have it. but on the app I've heard the granting of SG is instant and the site it isn't. Most of the time though i have the issue above even if I have done tasks so most of the time I can't earn anything from them.

    @Shabob Yes you need to be level 3 to redeem anything in the rewards section. I have no idea how long different tasks take to be verified, probably 2-3 days.

    12 january 2021 08:13 1628

    My TV Zone is not working for the past 1-2 hours it is not reloading or opening

    14 january 2021 09:12 1628

    Mine appears to be working, though it is showing the message about needing to complete a task at the moment. Maybe try clearing your browser cache?

    14 january 2021 11:06 1628

    You need to complete game tasks.

    18 february 2021 16:07 1628

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