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    War Thunder

    (4.33/5) 15582 rates

    Play and get

    2500 5500
    Soul Gems

    For 4 quests

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 5 battles

    do you like War thunder ?

    It's a pretty good game when you try it out, it's got great graphics, realistic physics and balance, and at first glance it was just for the soul gems, but when I played it was great. Pretty satisfying to see explosions.

    4 october 2018 00:31 11

    not bad not good🙂

    4 october 2018 16:10 11

    Very fun and addicting game i love getting into standoffs with other tanks

    21 october 2018 15:54 11


    15 december 2018 15:07 11

    Unlike wot, this game is based on physics, not math.

    11 august 2019 17:33 11

    It is a fine game

    12 august 2019 16:48 11

    it's fun though

    13 august 2019 18:00 11

    Two reasons why I am starting to like War Thunder more than WOT
    Custom games

    Being able to test drive vehicles

    Wish the had these in WOT as well so that people can practice with their tanks or test before buying or choosing a tank line.

    13 august 2019 18:14 11

    In WT there are no garage slots, everything you buy is yours, and you can memorize different lineups and play them whenever you want.

    In WoT you have to sell old vehicles to create place for new vehicles, also crews are train only for one vehicle at the time.

    In WoT after grinding high tier vehicles sometimes I switch to lower tiers for a more casual experience. In WoT I was playing tier 10-8 matches all the time.

    14 august 2019 11:45 11

    Unfortunately i have to use my experience in World of Tanks to discuss their role and i have a limited set of experience with War Thunder.

    From my point of view, they both have pros and cons, most notably the way they explore the wars fought. With War thunder, you can use both Warplanes and Tanks, increasing the scope of play and the ability for two ways to wage war to compete. With World of Warplanes however, they choose to focus on a single faucet of fighting. Like WOT, WOW would probably feel more realistic/refined compared to WT but you wouldn't be able to swap to tanks.

    I personally prefer WT as the tank warfare in that game more then make up for the lost refinition in the Warplane gameplay.

    15 august 2019 10:55 11

    its fun i guess

    15 august 2019 17:48 11

    yes, it's probably the best gamehag game

    16 august 2019 04:51 11

    i have to say i didnt like the game at all when i first heard of it, i its worth trying.

    18 august 2019 20:25 11

    No I cant play Hitler, he is my idol.

    18 august 2019 20:27 11

    Я люблю Путина

    20 august 2019 10:44 11

    yes i love it

    20 august 2019 20:15 11

    One of the best WW2 plane and tank game.

    21 august 2019 13:04 11

    I think it's a good game.

    22 august 2019 22:19 11

    i like war thunder

    9 october 2021 12:10 11

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