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    Assassin's creed Revelations - game review

    Released in 2011, AC: Revelations was the last installment in Ezio's story, where we see our hero( now in his 50-s ) take on the Byzantine templars, and Ottoman Turks. This game was the one to tie up both Ezio and Altaïr's stories, and to set the stage for entering a new era in history.

    Will you follow me in this adventure filled with beautiful landmarks, interesting people and mysteries of Istanbul, the city with many names, describing the many peoples and traditions in it. If so, let's talk about AC: Revelations.

    The gist of the game

    In this game, Ezio is trying to enter Altaïr's library in the castle of Masyaf. He expected it to be guarded in some way or form( which it definitely is ) but he is surprised when he finds the place crawling with templars!

    After getting captured by the gang, and naturally, escaping, Ezio learns that they were after the same thing, but there are 5 keys to the library, which Ezio has to obtain. With this knowledge, Ezio travels to their current location, the city of Istanbul.

    Arriving at the city, Ezio is greeted by the leader of the local assassin den, Yusuf Tazim, who tells him about the situation in the city, and tells him where to begin his search. Knowing where to start, Ezio's( and yours ) adventure begins.

    Df3vsGxq4vTtcn9VcWEhG9JDTJVzYy.jpgEzio finding one of the Masyaf keys

    Reasons to play the game...

    The hookblade

    Considered one of the best additions to the franchise, this blade is( sadly ) only available in Revelations. Being able to greatly increase your parkour speed, this baby was THE thing to have.

    Adding the "hook" part to the hidden blade, you also gained a nifty little ability called "Hook and run", which as the name implies, allows you to hit a guard while running. It also gives you the ability to pull down scaffolding, killing all guards that were behind you.

    You also got the ability to use ziplines. Placed on various rooftops around the city, these allowed you to ride them ,and perform assassinations off of them. All while looking like a badass

    "Let the Hookblade do the work. Iste boyle! (There you go!) Throw yourself into it."
    Yusuf describing the method of using the Hookblade

    Image showing the hookblade and the ziplines

    Bomb crafting

    "It seems like the bomb-crafting mechanic will let players somewhat customize the experience to their own play style, focusing on either stealth or combat depending on their preference."
    Quote from Arstechnica

    Speaking for personal sexperience, I can say this is true. In the game, you can craft many, many bombs. You just need a shell, some gunpowder and the main ingridient, and you're good to go.

    Divided into 3 main categories( tactical, diversion and lethal bombs ) these gave you a variety of options to choose from while exploring the city. Maybe you just wanted to sneak, you could do that. Maybe you wanted to be thorough and kill ALL of the guards, you could do that aswell. You could beat a mission many times and find new ways every try.

    "We have many different kinds of bombs here. Some are used tactically to stop chasing guards or manipulate a crowd. Others are used to create diversions, a good way to handle guards before they attack."
    Yusuf Tazim, introducing Ezio to bombs in Constantinople.

    ZrLIobyQjDoc8vCR2Zg31i2UI59hb3.webpImage showing some of the craftable bombs

    ... and not to play it

    The missions and the targets you kill

    Most of the people you kill will have very, limited goals( seen in a lot of today's AC games ).

    AC 1 might be the worst game of the franchise, but at least your tragets revealed a bigger plot, something deeper than what it seems. The tragets had goals different than power and control, or money. With every kill, you would be thinking about what you found out, eventually leading you to find out your mentor was the traitor.

    Unlike that, most of your assassinations in this game will be pretty stale. A lot of them will just be motivated by the things i said before, emphasis on power this time though, and that is one of the things that fans dislike about this game.

    Should you play the game?

    Despite the game being one of the worse ones on the list, this game can still be very enjoyable.

    Your allies and friends are all memorable characters. You will be watching every cutscene with a certain, feeling. Is it joy? Not really, but it's close. It's just their personalities, like Yusuf's that make the missions interesting whenever someone like him's around.

    "Hoshgeldin kardeshim! Unless the legend is a lie, you are the man I long to meet. Renowned master and mentor, Ezio Auditore de la la la!
    Forgive me. I have a hard time remembering that Italian gibberish."

    One of the things I enjoy in the game, is its beautiful soundtrack, and I highly reccomend it if you're looking for some music to relax, with some of the melodies making you feel like you were really there.

    After giving you those reasons, I hope you will go and pick up a copy of the game, or at least add it to your wish list.

    See you in Konstantiniyye, assassins

    9 april 2020 19:21 1625

    I love this game

    11 april 2020 18:38 1625

    Nice screenshots btw!

    11 april 2020 18:38 1625

    assassin's creed is a good game over-all but i think the revelation graphics are just trash.

    11 april 2020 18:49 1625

    what a suck review sry

    11 april 2020 19:49 1625

    nice i like it

    11 april 2020 20:05 1625

    Assasian creed is full of fun game

    11 april 2020 20:36 1625

    I LOVE to play assasian creed for 24hrs

    11 april 2020 20:37 1625


    12 april 2020 05:55 1625

    best game all of assasin creeds are best

    12 april 2020 06:38 1625

    ben çok sevdim

    12 april 2020 07:05 1625

    i only played assassins creed 3

    18 april 2020 16:39 1625

    good review! :D

    18 april 2020 17:02 1625


    18 april 2020 17:02 1625

    selam bu oyun cok guzel

    18 april 2020 21:01 1625

    This game is very good

    18 april 2020 21:19 1625


    18 april 2020 21:20 1625

    i love this game

    22 april 2020 06:38 1625

    but i dont have only 2 3

    22 april 2020 06:38 1625

    i wanna buy

    22 april 2020 06:38 1625

    tis game is epic i lay thi on my pone!

    22 april 2020 07:21 1625

    dont foget to subscribe

    22 april 2020 07:22 1625

    assasin creed super game very good graphics I play occasionally

    22 april 2020 08:22 1625

    Love Assasins Creed

    22 april 2020 10:24 1625

    cok guzil

    22 april 2020 10:54 1625

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