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    Last Day on Earth: Survival Guide part 1

    This is game post apocalyptic survival shooter called Last Day on Earth and its set in the year 2027 when the dangerous virus broke out and destroyed almost everyone in the human race. But also it didn't stop there. All those dead people turned into zombies and only small part of human race developed resistance in their blood and they are trying to survive in this destroyed world.
    (had to change intro because I was accused of plagiarism)

    In this game you need to survive. Not just against zombies but also some people. I say some because there is also good people with who you can trade or take quests and in most of the time u can't intervene with course of events but some time you can choose whether you kill someone or spare him/her and that can change further events for good or bad.

    When you first start the game you will be given the option to customize your character and choose a name. If you want to change your look you will need to build mirror later in the game and with that you will be able to change your look and name but with cost of coins. In the beginning of the game you spawn next to the destroyed pick-up truck naked in which you can find jacket,cleaver and some rope and scrap metal. That area is where you will be able to build your base later on.

    You will be able to move with the joystick on the left side and you will be able to attack with button on the right side and bellow that button is interaction button. Come closer to the truck and press interaction button to open in. There is no way to remove this truck from your home area, so you can use it for storage as long as you want.OAKOEoqMTh1rMWKmzGGZNDCJF0cqKT.jpg
    If this is your first time playing, I recommend equipping the cleaver and  jacket and then beginning to clear the area. As you come closer to zombie, use the button on the far down-right side of the screen. That will allow you to sneak before the enemy gets within smallest line on the mini-map.

    By sneaking up behind enemies and using the attack button when you are close to them, you are able to get triple damage with the first hit, which is your case will be able to instantly kill zombies with 40 hp. Zombies often have rope and  cloth on their dead bodies which will be valuable until you build the workbenches that allow you to craft those items. Some zombies will be gathered up which requires you to fight the ones you can't sneak up on, but is shouldn't be a problem because these zombies are really weak and this cleaver and jacket are pretty good gear for your start.

    Once you clear zombies in your area, you need to decide whether or not you want to design your base with the trees on your land because once you chop down these trees in your home area, you can never get them back. So my recommendation is to gather three wood and three stone to build a pickaxe and put your character on auto (far down-left button). 

    When you reach level 2, make sure to gather three plant fiber and use the rope that you should already have to build a basic backpack which will give you five extra slots in your inventory (when naked you have 10). One pickaxe will be exactly enough to gather all of the rocks and iron is your home area.

    When you finish gathering all the resources, go check out the abandoned base. This base is now yours but you will want to make some modifications. First, I recommend gathering the resources from these broken walls and then building three chests. You don't need to replace these walls yet because no one's gonna raid your base,but you can do it if you want. 
    For now, put everything you have in those three chests. Your weapons,your armor, the only thing you want to take with you is your backpack. Now one thing that you need to decide before you leave your base area is whether or not you are completely free to play or if you're wanting to support the devs of Lasr Day on Earth. If you are completely free to play it's little bit harder to get stuff like military pass which is the best purchase you can get in game. For the one-time purchase of 5$, you can get access to a 119 new rewards that would normally cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars if you bought them from the shop and it guarantees that you will eventually get everything you need to build a motorcycle which is difficult to get in this game.

    So if you are ever planning to spend money in this game, buy this pass and take the task list out of your inbox and see what your tasks are for that day. Completing these tasks will give you points towards unlocking new level. With this same mechanic there are new seasons in LDoE. You can also unlock new levels by paying 25 coins, but if you want to do that, I would strongly recommend saving your coins for the final tasks which can also be skipped for 25 coins, but they require more points to unlock.

    Once you've memorized your task for the day go ahead and put that note in your chest because you don't need to bring it with you to complete the quests. Now if you're not buying the military pass because you're a free-to-play player, don't worry, it may be a lot harder for you but you will be able to get the same gear as pay-to-play players just a bit later.

    So after you decide all that and you are completely naked leave this area. when you enter the world map for the first time, a crashed plane event will spawn. In the rare occasion that it doesn't appear, do not go back into your base yet or else you will spawn the healer  too early. Rather, just run to bunker Bravo and then enter and exit the area and it will appear. Plane crashes are very good events and you only get to experience this event two times ever, so you want to make the most of it. p1CIBicxTBckCsyyRXpEZMbBs2gPKK.jpg
    I recommend using 30 energy to get to this event instantly and then as soon as you the area, go ahead and try to leave the area. When you do that, pop-up will appear allowing you to make a one-time purchase of a military backpack (10 extra slots) for 2$. This is the second best deal that you can get in this game because the only other way to get that nicer backpack is to get to level 64 or to spend closer to 10$ at the shop but again if you are free to play, no worries. When I started playing this game the military backpack didn't even exist yet. As you go through these chests, you want to prioritize weapons, armor and food because those are the hardest items to get a low level. Be sure to equip items to save room.

    It is important to note that by equipping food or healing is your pocket (quick slot), it allows you to heal while you're fighting.when you're in your inventory you will notice a hunger and thirst meter. You will probably start to get hungry and thirsty for the first time during this event so since you will not be able to bring everything back with you, I recommend eating some jerky and drinking water as you loot the area so that you leave with these meters at 100%. You will get attacked by a couple wolves while you're here, but you shouldn't have any problems taking them out.

    If you did not get the military backpack, you won't be able to pick everything up. It might feel like you're leaving a lot of things behind but all of the items that you did not pick are pretty common items and you won't really need them until you're much higher level, so go ahead and leave this area and return home.

    You can run if you want to, but you should keep in mind that only one energy is restored every 5 minutes. When you arrive, you will find the healer. In exchange for watching an ad the healer will give you some kind of buff for most of the time 60 minutes  (it can be longer if you are higher level).  The best buffs to get early in the game are "Muscle Vines" which restore your energy to max (usually 100 but during corona virus its 200 energy) and "Brainweed Seeds" which doubles the amount od experience you get.

    This is it for first part of LDoE guide so read it well and good luck in the game!

    8 april 2020 17:59 1625

    Can you please stop spaming? Btw im from balkan.

    11 april 2020 16:12 1625

    I love this game

    13 april 2020 23:18 1625

    good guide it helped me

    14 april 2020 07:51 1625

    I do like the game, but not a lot

    14 april 2020 07:55 1625

    it's an interesting game :D

    14 april 2020 08:46 1625

    Good articles man ! i like it

    15 april 2020 00:03 1625

    pretty boring game

    15 april 2020 00:58 1625

    I dont like those games

    15 april 2020 00:59 1625

    where you should wait hours

    15 april 2020 00:59 1625

    woooooooow it's look nice

    15 april 2020 02:13 1625

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