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    Lords mobile: level up fast & finish the task

    Lords mobile has a task here in gamehag that pays relatively well, hit a level 2 monster. It must be stated though that a level 2 monster is kind of a boss, that needs you to advance to level 7 castle (out of 25 levels). It is relatively easy, takes a couple of days. Here are a few tips to make it faster


     Note before starting: I recommend getting this task from the mobile app. From my experience in other games, it is less likely to bug if you get it from there (compared to the website)

    There is something you need to know about the progression in lords’ mobile. It is not gated by resources, rather by build and research times. As a result, a good deal of our work would be to maximize the efficiency in that area

    • Increase your build speed: you can do this by 3 methods
      1. Research it in the academy
      2. Talents (you can find it in your profile (tap on the top left picture, then on the red flag with a star in the middle and a crown on top)
      3. Items (these are built in the workshop, which you unlock roughly at the same time as the academy
    • Increase your research speed: same as above, but upgrade the academy rather than research in it
    • Join a guild: There are other guides on guild benefits, so I will keep this short: some gems, more resources, gifts and help with build time (Takes of a few minutes of your time, so it is easier to fit it in the free speedup, making you build some stuff instantly, especially early on).
    • Keep track of the events: the game has a couple of events active at the same time, usually you get points for buildings, research, training troops or hunting monsters. These award you with speed ups and resources that will keep you floating
    • Hero battles: fight your hero battles! They give resources, speed ups and player exp. Fight them whenever you have hearts (strength). If you hit a stage that is too difficult, wait till your heroes level up a bit more. You can sweep the previous stage when you have strength to spare
    • Complete quests: there is a recommended quest that is displayed. It is a good idea to tick to those in the early game (you can ignore them when you understand your priorities). There are also admin quests and guild quests, complete them for minor rewards.
    • Keep your buildings running: Always have your academy researching, your base building and your barracks training (at least early on). If you are going to sleep for 8 hours, don’t start a 10-minute research, start something longer.
    • Complete skirmishes as early as you can: they open places for more buildings, which will help you progress faster.
    • Don’t forget to use your speed ups
    • Keep your resource cards: if you get resource cards, don’t immediately cash them, do so only when you need them. Resource cards cannot be stolen, but if they are cashed in, they can be.
    • Send your troops gathering: I almost always have an army or 2 gathering resources if there is no one preying on me now. This enables me to keep building and researching
    • Shield or shelter: if a big player is preying on you, shield or shelter your troops and leader to avoid your troops getting killed.

    Good luck everyone

    27 march 2020 17:26 1625

    this is good info thanks a lot

    30 march 2020 18:31 1625

    thank you my friend

    20 may 2020 21:03 1625

    I played this game a few years back. It took me around 7 days to achieve castle level 15. But then i got tired of it and uninstalled it.

    20 may 2020 22:38 1625

    thx for info

    20 may 2020 22:42 1625

    nice information very helpful

    20 may 2020 23:13 1625

    thx i was just about to play it and needed some info really nice article....

    20 may 2020 23:17 1625

    I'm surely gonna use this

    20 may 2020 23:59 1625

    THanks you the best

    21 may 2020 02:36 1625

    Good. I want to play it.

    21 may 2020 02:43 1625

    good game 4 evear

    21 may 2020 03:40 1625

    Thank you that's true :)

    21 may 2020 08:43 1625

    Thank You, I Now Know

    21 may 2020 08:59 1625

    ty for the tips

    21 may 2020 09:05 1625

    thanks alott

    21 may 2020 09:09 1625

    you are welcome brother. This was supposed to be an article, but ended up being here. Meh, guess the important thing is that it is out here somewhere

    21 may 2020 10:36 1625

    hi my name is dtsbdcsgf Andrew and I are u able to get a hold of the guy who was the guy who was the guy who was the guy who was the guy who is

    21 may 2020 11:57 1625

    Hi can you please send me the details of the internet is down at the end of the day I was in the shower and then I'll be home to get my stuff together and head to the airport

    21 may 2020 11:58 1625

    *** thank you

    21 may 2020 17:06 1625

    Thanks soo much for this tips

    21 may 2020 17:55 1625


    22 may 2020 02:44 1625

    tanks bro very helpful mean

    22 may 2020 02:54 1625

    thank you keepit uuup

    22 may 2020 06:57 1625

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