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    [Answered] How do I send my Screenshots for approval?

    Below is a FAQ on how one should send their screenshots for approval.

    4 october 2017 14:29 1628

    Preparations For Your Screenshot:
    1) Open 2 browsers.
    2) Load Gamehag in the first tab and load your game in the second tab. (For Browser-Games)
    3) Make sure your proof (in-game username, level or anything specific to the task) is visible on one sceen
    4) Make sure your browser is not zoomed in on out
    5) Make sure your windows TASKBAR is not hidden
    6) Most games have an IN-GAME-CHAT (usually bottom half of the screen).

    Type this message in the in-game chat:
    "Hello, Misty! I am (Your GameHag Username) from GameHag, and as you can see I have completed (Game Task). I sincerely hope that my task will be accepted!"

    Screenshot Creation:
    Option 1:
    1) Press "Prt Sc" on your keyboard (Top-Right on your keyboard above numpad)
    2) Open any image editing software and press "CTRL+V" to paste the screenshot into the software
    3) Save your screenshot to your desktop (Or any easily accessible location)

    Option 2:
    1) For Windows Users, open up the Run window with "Window Home Key + R"
    2) Copy and Paste this code into the window (opens up Snipping Tool): %windir%\system32\SnippingTool.exe
    3) Select the section you want to capture
    4) Save this image to your desktop once you are done(edited)
    Completing Your Task:
    1) On Gamehag, open the task page for the game
    2) Click "COMPLETE TASK"
    3) Upload your screenshot

    1) Choose a name that is the same or similar to your GameHag Username.
    2) Sign up for the game using the same email which you had used for GameGag.
    3) DO NOT sign up using Social Media such as Facebook or Google+ if possible.

    Your task will have an increased chance of being accepted, if you have followed the above steps.
    If your task had been rejected, request for support in #jack-o-lobby in STRIX. (Mention @HellHound or @Steamburner)
    Alternatively, ask for support in GameHag's Discord.
    Be polite and patient, we will help you solve your problem.

    Special Thanks:
    Thank you @Steamburner for working with us to create this FAQ!
    (If you do not already know, he is one of our best Discord members and a really amazing friend!)
    STRIX: https://discord.gg/Zh6RAvC
    GameHag's Discord: https://discord.gg/W9DmGjW

    4 october 2017 14:33 1628

    Minor Mistake*
    STRIX's Discord Link: https://discord.gg/d8gvx6g
    The invite mentioned above leads to the wrong server.

    4 october 2017 14:38 1628

    And how to confirm Contracts?

    4 october 2017 23:43 1628

    It all depends on the contract and what advertiser provided it, you will have to seek out their support (3rd party support)


    5 october 2017 02:27 1628

    You guys should go to the Discord server where lots of stuff is explained in #gamehag-faq

    7 april 2018 11:10 1628

    because I do not accept any capture

    26 january 2019 22:25 1628


    Care to rephrase that?

    30 january 2019 05:48 1628

    and non-browser games?

    19 october 2019 20:37 1628

    hmm... i don't example to have but
    so easy to professional

    20 october 2019 07:22 1628

    how to sent screenshot on comment can you tell that?

    24 november 2019 18:19 1628

    No i ca't

    24 november 2019 21:32 1628

    i think its in the discord or something

    19 december 2019 18:27 1628

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