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    Welcome to Bloxburg Locations and Jobs

    In this article will be everything you need to know about Welcome to Bloxburg locations and jobs.   


    In this article will be everything you need to know about Welcome to Bloxburg locations and jobs.   

    Welcome to Bloxburg

    Is a popular role-playing game on Roblox created by Coeptus. Players can build and design their very own house, work or you can simply hang out with your friends and explore the city. Welcome to Blockburg was in beta for 4 years and requires 25 R$ for early access.

    Job Locations

    In Bloxburg is currently 9 jobs. There is Seller (Ben's Ice cream), Cashier and Stocker (BFF), Cashier (Bloxby Burgers),
    Janitor (Green Clean), Woodcutter (Lovely Lumber), mechanic (Mike's Motors), Pizza baker and delivery person (Pizza Planet), Hairdresser (Stylez Hair Studio), Miner (The Bloxburg Cave), Fisherman (The fishing hut)

    Ben's Ice cream


    Bloxburg Fresh Food


    Bloxy Burgers


    Green Clean 


    Lovely Lumber


    Mike's Motors

     Mike's Motors

    Pizza Planet


    Stylez hair Studio


    Bloxburg Cave


    Fishing Hut




    Other locations



    Beach at Night



    City Hall


    Bloxburg Gym




    Ferris Wheel




    Player's own house plot






    Cashier (BFF)

    A player chooses to work at one of four registers in BFF. A customer will walk from a single file line to the register, and begin placing their food and more on a conveyor belt. 

    Cashier (Bloxy Burgers)

    As a cashier at BB, the player will be operating a register to take orders of customers. The customer will walk from a single file line up to an occupied register and an image of what they want will appear. which the player will put into the register by clicking the shown food items.

    Delivery person

    Delivery Person in one of the jobs available at the Pizza Planet. This job can be debated as the most popular because of it's higher earnings. This job offers twice the amount of normal job pay. A DP, the player will be given access to drive a Moped with what you'll be able to drive to NPC that is waiting somewhere in the map.


    At the Fishing hut, the player can become a fisherman and be given a fishing rod to cast the shoreline. Once equipped, the player can cast it but it won't do anything unless it makes it into the water. In some time, the fishing float will sink into the water and the player will then reel in the line to catch a fish.


    As a hairdresser at Stylez Hair Studio, the player will be giving customer different hairstyles and hair colours that they want.


    As a janitor, the player will clean up trash as well as clean graffiti off of buildings. There are spilled sodas, trash heaps and graffiti. Once mess is cleaned, another will appear. Trash only appear in front of the store, along Stylez Hair... and Bloxy Burgers.


    As a mechanic, the player's job consists of painting, refilling and replacing tires on various mopeds and motorbikes. When player arrives at a workstation, the customer will drive their vehicle up onto a platform and then utter their request, resulting in an oil change, a paint job or a tire change.


    The player will be equipped with a pickaxe to help the player mine. To mine, the player must select a block and select 'Mine'. The player will automatically use the pickaxe to hit the block.

    Pizza Baker

    As Pizza bake, the player will cook specific pizzas. The kitchen is located at the back of the Pizza Planet. In here are four different workstations, from which the player can see the requested pizza on a tablet to their right. The player will then create the pizza for it to be pushed out onto a conveyor that leads to the oven.


    As a seller, the player will make ice cream for customers. The customers will announce their order from one of three windows. There are three flavours perhaps strawberry, chocolate and vanilla and three toppings.


    As stocker, the player will restock food shelves at BFF. Player will take the crate and then bring it to an empty shelve.


    As a woodcutter, the player will cut trees with the given axe. Trees grow in places surrounding Lovely Lumber. The player can shop them by standing in the correct position and clicking the 'chop' button to swing the axe.

    12 march 2020 16:24 1625

    Pizza delivery is the best one , If u want to collect money faster

    19 march 2020 14:12 1625

    Jobs: Pizza delivery Stocker Fishing Pizza maker Cashier Hair dresser Janitor Wood cutter Bloxy burgers Mechanic Ice cream vendor

    19 march 2020 14:20 1625

    pizza delivery is the best job in the bloxburg

    19 march 2020 14:34 1625

    thx for the easy to read stuff

    19 march 2020 15:10 1625

    cool game its a perfect game no need for more updates

    19 march 2020 16:39 1625

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    19 march 2020 16:40 1625

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