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    Virtual Beggar!

    Are you bored?
    Are you sitting around wondering what to do next?
    Are you craving for something fun to do? 

    Well fret no more! Because this game would be the cure to your boredom! Read more to find out why.

    "Virtual Beggar" is a classic tapping tycoon game, where you can throw coins at the virtual character trapped within your phone. It was officially launched on November 21st, 2014 by Treetop Crew but has only recently begun to become more and more popular.  

    "Virtual Beggar" utilizes a retro pixel style which brings back the nostalgia of all those great classic games. You are able to customize your avatar with a myriad of clothing options, including monocles, 'black-hole t-shirts', 'duck shoes' and even wacky vampire and alien skins! 

    This game is wayyy more intricately designed than to what meets the eye. The functions are simply amazing, with upgrades, different locations, pets, golden pets, virtual scratch cards and many more! 

    To begin with, I will start by explaining how this game works. The game starts with your avatar standing in and alley and begging passer-bys for money. Through tapping and collecting coins, you would quickly be able to upgrade to a "Motel" Location, where it becomes easier and easier to collect coins. Once you unlock this location, the "Garage" Function is unlocked, which is essentially the players' new home. You can customize your garage with items you buy in the store, which includes different types of cars, walls, paintings, TVs, SWIMMING POOLS and more. Other players would be able to visit your garage! 

    As you continue to tap and tap and tap, make sure to upgrade your coins per minute. It is crucial to quickening your game progress 

    On your coin-collecting journey, the Library location would be unlocked. The library is (personally) my favourite aspect of this entire game, because on the 'computer', there would be a 'Begchat' function, where you can meet and chat with other players of this game. I'm not going to lie, from what I've experienced, the people on this platform are actually incredibly nice! In the library there would also be minigames, such as "Stacker" and "Pong" (where you compete with other players for coins). Lastly, there would be a 'studying' function for the workers of your company, which I'm about to get to.

    Change Inc. is where you can hire workers to work for you. The hire the level of profession and endurance they have, the more money they would be able to earn for you. If you collect enough virtual cards (which is considered as the 'premium' currency of this game), you would be able to upgrade them to GOLDEN WORKERS, which would cause them to last forever throughout your game's progress. In order to upgrade your workers' level and endurance, you would have to bring your worker to the library and have them study.

    When you reach a certain level, you would be able to unlock the "Bus" function for 3 million coins. The bus, otherwise known as "Change on Tour", allows you to send passengers to different locations in order to earn coins and virtual cards, and the higher level you are, the more locations you would be unable to unlock. You're also allowed to upgrade your bus speed, so be sure to do it!

    Last but not least, a peculiar aspect of this game is the "Ultimate Donation", which is basically a game reset that gives you enormous boosts. The first UD you would be able to do would be when you get to Level 43. I recommend you to do it as soon as possible, since the game reset boosts are incredibly helpful.

    This game has an amazing community, so if you enjoy it make sure to browse their reddit page for tips and tricks! I hope you enjoy it :)

    4 march 2020 16:40 1625

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