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    GTA VICE CITY 2020

                     Note: I'm uploading this for the second time, please before you claim it's plagiarism send me the real source.

                                          Are you that type of guy that sometimes likes to get back and play old games  ?
                                                          But unfortunately your PC doesn't let you run them anymore!

    Ok, Fortunately,a team of GTA V mod developers got you covered!
    • Introducing Vice City 2020: (Vice Cry)

    Its a GTA V mod that works as a DLC, Launched at the beginning of January 2020. It renders the graphics of the old game that we know into ultra-high 4K resolution, making everything look more realistic than it ever did before.
    The mod makes you experience the looks of the Vice City that are full of life as the working traffic lights, custom population groups not like the old game with the many duplicated characters, zones along with 3D Neon models, brand new character model and textures were created for this mod and the famous main character which you can play with Tommy Vercetti. (which we gonna talk about him later in this article).


    • Some major effects, changes and requirement :
    1. Tommy Vercetti:

    If you've ever heard of GTA Vice City than you probably know this guy, in this mod they made an identical model of the same character from Vice city with all the nécessaire facial expressions and will act and react just as Michael would. 
    (ps: Michael is the character from GTA V)
    ( and other funny fact: This Tommy could swim )


         2.The environment and cars:

    The world of Vice City looks very attractive and brought back to life due to the perfect reflective surfaces, custom scenarios, and material accuracy.

    the game play is as smooth as playing normal GTA V, the maps are identical to what we've seen with GTA Vice city, the cars too but with a modern look.

    here's some pictures on how it looks : 



          3.Other Feature and requirements :    
    1. Features :

    Full port of Vice Cry 1.8 for V
    MLO interiors
    Bump mapped roads and various buildings
    Spec mapped windows for proper reflections
    Brand new models and textures created for this project
    3D Neon Models
    Material Accuracy (no more broken alphas)
    Full Path and Navmesh Support
    Working Traffic Lights
    Instanced Grass
    SLOD's with proper Water Reflection
    Custom Scenarios
    Car Generators
    Custom Population Groups and Zones
    and much more..

         ii. Requirements :

    Heapadjuster by FiveM, or the Dilapidated Version
    Packfile Limit Adjuster (set to 3500) by Unknown Modder
    A trainer that can spawn dlc cars, I use simple trainer by sjaak (some of the dlc cars spawn in traffic)

    I hope i covered all the essential points of this mod and made it with an understandable way!
    Written by : Candycane69. (you can add me if you want :) )

    3 february 2020 15:47 1625

    I last played it 7 years ago and i was good then,and it's good now to!

    22 february 2020 15:48 1625

    Most of the kids born before 2000 love this game

    22 february 2020 16:33 1625

    Even my mother liked it... GAME OF THE CENTURY :D

    22 february 2020 16:33 1625

    I think this game will be good

    22 february 2020 16:53 1625

    Its a good game but with a very small comunity.

    22 february 2020 23:32 1625

    o man come

    23 february 2020 12:44 1625

    Vice city was nice for a while

    23 february 2020 13:09 1625

    yes theh game is varry nice

    23 february 2020 13:34 1625

    Not bad , Not bat

    23 february 2020 13:47 1625

    wow so good

    23 february 2020 14:43 1625

    wow so good game

    23 february 2020 14:44 1625

    that game is way too boring

    24 february 2020 13:35 1625

    But I should give it a try

    24 february 2020 13:36 1625


    24 february 2020 16:46 1625

    me likey very much

    24 february 2020 16:47 1625

    gta vice city my young times :)

    24 february 2020 19:52 1625

    I don't like boring games like this

    25 february 2020 09:28 1625

    Like GTA Vice City

    25 february 2020 09:59 1625

    pretty good

    25 february 2020 10:10 1625

    wow nice game i like it the most this is a fun game ever

    25 february 2020 10:20 1625

    How do you know we are playing GTA VC in 2020

    25 february 2020 17:09 1625

    old but gold

    10 march 2020 17:11 1625

    Sadly we need GTA V to run it. :/

    11 march 2020 06:35 1625

    gta is cool looking in hd boys

    11 march 2020 06:58 1625

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