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    why this "The reward is being prepared for dispatch" lasts about 4 days?

    but it has been about 4 days since I ordered the reward,what can I do next?

    9 september 2017 15:58 1628

    Contact Gamehag though Misty. Or go to the Marvelousga discord, I think Gamehag staff might be there.

    9 september 2017 16:02 1628

    mine took about 2 days to be ready.

    9 september 2017 19:59 1628

    Sometimes it can be even month. (e.g. money for Steam)

    5 may 2018 18:35 1628

    they legally have 31 days to dispatch the reward, even if it says it will be delivered after 4 days. You can only ask for refund on the 32th day.

    7 may 2018 14:23 1628

    Yea, you do not need to answer what was already written.

    7 may 2018 18:16 1628

    i think because based on how many sg the offer gives you, you have a time limit

    24 september 2018 20:20 1628

    It has been about 4 days since I ordered the reward,what can I do next?

    27 december 2018 00:31 1628

    it can last for a month at max.
    But it gets delivered

    27 december 2018 09:42 1628

    what about robux. My friend got 5 robux the other day, it got given to him 5 minutes later, but he got another 20 robux and he still doesen't have it after about 2 days.. Problem? (He also did contact gamehag through misty, but I'll tell him to go on their discord.).

    15 march 2019 20:54 1628

    It is really normal, you earned it, yes but, you should be patient.

    15 march 2019 22:12 1628

    I've actually been waiting for 16 days so far for my order. Hope they send it soon. It was the first reward that I've redeemed on this site. In my case, it was a game key, and not a gift card.

    16 march 2019 06:12 1628

    i bought stick fight game . when they send code game ??

    17 march 2019 15:00 1628

    same prob i got homefront game keys in a treasure

    26 july 2019 06:45 1628

    ive been waitig for 1 hour to get minecraft lol

    29 september 2019 06:56 1628

    Minecraft took 4 days to get even though gamehag said it would be delivered in 24 hours when they accepted the order. (Why they don't say 'will be delivered in 7 working days' and make it easier for everyone, I don't know)

    I ordered the Windows 10 version of Minecraft, when I got the code from gamehag I went to the new minecraft website (there is an old one and a new one). When I selected to purchase the Minecraft Win 10 I was redirected to the Microsoft store and had to make an account. It was a bit of messing around getting the order accepted and the game downloaded but there was no problem with the game code.

    The game worked first time on my Windows 10 PC and hasn't given me any problems since.

    29 september 2019 09:20 1628

    for cs go skins how many hours can took ?

    11 november 2019 18:23 1628

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