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    How it works

    is gamehag legit

    i just wanted to know if its legit

    26 december 2019 17:54 1628

    been here long enough to see Gamehag IS legit. It may not be 100% working all the time lol , but it is legitimate in that sense of the word. Hey its good too and a great idea. :)

    28 december 2019 19:00 1628

    Gamehag is 100% legit the only thing is delivery times depending on the reward your getting

    28 december 2019 23:12 1628

    @fomi So you were lying to me all along about everything? About the free soul gems, the free rewards, the Nier Automata? T_T I knew it was too good to be true, but I wanted to believe in you! But thank you for finally showing me the way, now I am truly enlightened. I guess it's true what they say about first breaking someone before building them up again on the right way.

    31 december 2019 15:56 1628

    I discovered it a couple of months ago. And I did some contracts guess what? I didn't get the gems. So I'm just leaving

    1 october 2020 15:32 1628

    Gamehag seems to glitch a lot. I did some tasks yesterday, and never got the rewards.

    1 october 2020 18:24 1628

    yes uoto some extent but when you complete contracts you didn't get gems all the time which is sad

    2 october 2020 22:00 1628

    My brother said he got two robux from it and when I checked his account he had 2 robux. So I am thinking it's pretty legit.

    2 october 2020 22:02 1628

    yes I have earned some games

    3 october 2020 15:27 1628

    Yes it is, worked for my friend, now i'm grinding myself.

    3 october 2020 16:09 1628

    it glitches sometimes tho ı think its legit

    14 january 2022 12:56 1628

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