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    I'm making a Steam Daily Chest Droprate Sheet

    Here it is:


    Not much going on right now since I'm only 5 days in. I have seen a lot of talks about how the Steam Daily Chest only contains 1 and 5 gems it seems, and got curious enough that I decided to create a tracking sheet myself to see if the rate is actually as horrible as I and everyone else have thought.
    But to speed up the process if anyone is interested you can join me. Just create a column next to my name and put your name and drop data in. You only need to do this once if you want, but I would really appreciate it if you can write in daily. The summary table is auto calculated so just leave it there.

    10 november 2019 03:56 1628

    Bumping it up a bit. Also does anyone know any possible drop type I'm missing? I've heard of people getting 50 SG or more from the chest, but not sure if my memory is correct.

    10 november 2019 18:57 1628

    Great idea mate.

    10 november 2019 20:19 1628

    huh. useful. thanks man

    10 november 2019 21:56 1628

    I got 10 soulgems from the chest today ^^ I might be lucky but I seem to get 10sc about once a week or so :) thanks for taking the time to do a rate breakdown tho! thats really helpful

    11 november 2019 01:33 1628

    Got 10 SG once in like 1 month and half, but got 5 SG often enough, more often as 1. Nothing else though.

    11 november 2019 01:38 1628

    I don't even know about the chest

    11 november 2019 02:36 1628

    @putaquepariu I assume "pqp" in the dropsheet is you, right? If true, thanks for your input. Hope you continue that in the future, and I won't mind if you skip a day or two. The more data, the better! That said, you got more 5 Soul Gems than 1 and no runes for 13 chests, really? You're quite lucky my dude.

    11 november 2019 03:31 1628

    bro, I've been recwinving steam daily chest since 3 month ago and I had more than 90 chests but I never had more than 5 sg, so its better to remove those fake numbers from the chest reward or at least make it fair, being a walking bilboard on csgo for 1 sg per day is jot really cool:(

    11 november 2019 08:17 1628

    Excellent idea, I'll join this for science! From what I recall I mostly receive the 5 SG and 1 SG/rune drops, rarely the 10 SG

    11 november 2019 09:10 1628

    I finished adding all the information from my notification history, I hope you find it useful. 😃

    11 november 2019 09:19 1628

    76? Quite a large noti list you have to traverse there dude, thank you so much! Remember to keep inputting more data if you have the chance! That said, 3.27 is a depressing rate for Gems...

    11 november 2019 09:45 1628

    Yeah, I still didn't get any runes from it. Maybe because the blue and the pink runes are pretty good to get some good boost in gems if you 99% tasks. Of course you also need to get lucky, or those tasks won't be confirmed in 24 hours xD

    11 november 2019 14:04 1628

    Took me like 8 minutes doing it casually, not that large. :D And sure, I'll keep updating it, I was interested as well what the percentages are.

    If you compare it to the daily login, true, it's smaller, but considering they are both given out for free, not forcing you to choose one, it adds up.

    11 november 2019 14:33 1628

    Crossing 100 samples! 101 actually since I didn't anticipate the return of pqp. Oops. It's not even closed to being conclusive, but looking at the numbers I can guess that the overall rate will hover between 1 and 5 gems per chest. I actually started out thinking that the 1 SG reward will have the highest drop rate, since they are the cheapest option after all, but it's actually lower than the 5 SG reward drop rate so far. That's nice.

    13 november 2019 09:59 1628

    Well, still disappointing, but better than nothing considering theres 4 tiles where you can get 1 SG. But they could at least remove those fake spots lol

    13 november 2019 12:26 1628

    Even if the percentages favor 5 SG with 44%, the runes (since they are 1 SG) combined with the 1 SG make for 49%. 7% for 10 SG is not that bad too, but the other drops percentage is non existant.

    14 november 2019 15:02 1628

    Until now i opened 2X1SG 2X5SG and 2XRune

    14 november 2019 15:21 1628

    Based on the roulette code I have filled in the remaining options for the chest as a sort of cruel joke.

    14 november 2019 15:25 1628

    Very interesting statistics, but the amount seems somewhat low

    14 november 2019 16:48 1628

    well, still a long way to go to get some conclusive results, but yeah, it's kinda of a joke.

    14 november 2019 18:07 1628

    @pqp The total number of chest is also auto calculated so you don't have to fill it yourself.

    15 november 2019 02:46 1628

    Seems like nowhere is safe, we got hit by the spammers as well!
    Maybe one day we will get one of the rarer drops, I wonder if it isn't a percentage chance, but a number of daily chest opened, for example 365 daily chest opened for 100SG?
    I also think Misty has seen this thread, 3 days ago I received 5SG, 2 days ago 10SG, yesterday 5SG and today 10SG again. They are on to us!

    15 november 2019 08:48 1628

    I got a 5 and then two 1s. Where's my 10 you tricksters?

    And I just wish the thread owner has the power to delete post themselves.

    15 november 2019 09:04 1628

    Ok fomi, I didn't look at the cell xD
    I imagine the droprates above 10 will be less than 1/1000, if not 0%. We still got a long way to go.

    15 november 2019 11:09 1628

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