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    Couldn't receive my soul gems when i completed a game offer

    The mission was leveling up to 25 and i completed(even reached 26) i put a screenshot for verify and waited for 2-3 days but today it was rejected?Can someone help me to prove that i completed the offer??

    9 august 2017 19:59 1628

    it happend to me to but like i think i have an idea like u need to be lvl 30 on a game u need to make the screenshot at the lvl 30 :3

    9 august 2017 21:11 1628

    yeah they have delays

    10 august 2017 10:28 1628

    i completed bleach game at 20 lvl(itsaid be 20 lvl) and i screenshot it then within 2 mins it accepted but it didnt work in god wars..

    10 august 2017 14:03 1628

    It happened to me too. Travian and Bleach got accepted just a few minutes after I completed the task. But the rest of the tasks keep getting refused. I don't know what else to do. And even send a mp to that admin called Misty, but she didn't help me. Just replied with a list of "posible reasons" that made my tasks get refused

    10 august 2017 18:18 1628

    When I was rejected I asked Misty for help. After 30 min I got my gems.

    11 august 2017 08:40 1628

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