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    who likes LOL and finds it a very interesting game

    any girl playing?

    15 august 2019 09:03 77

    Sometimes I think I'm just addicted... I have been a gamer all my life, but I have been playing League consistently the longest (been on/off 2010). I was once seriously competitive in Halo (played against Walshy once or twice for those that know...I lost obviously :P), but after my intense interest in that waned I picked up League.

    Now unlike a lot of people I got into League for the oddest reason. The toxic community made me want to stick it to them. I hate arrogance that's only there because people are veterans at something. That being said once I got good (I reached D5 on an alt. acc.) I WAS this community. I only played my lane, I only played my champ, and if things didn't go well I was flaming everyone and anyone. This carried out into real life. That's when it became an issue for me. That account was perm-banned long ago and I took a year/two break from League only playing a match here/there. When I returned I played even less, and even now that I'm "fully back" (I'm nowhere near the old time I used to regularly log) I balance it out. I take breaks, I liberally use the ignore feature, I compliment people any chance I can, and TRY to stay out of non-game related chats.

    That ban changed the game a ton for me, but now that I'm trying to get back into the tier I want to be in I'm finding it feels tedious. Obviously I have a large skill gap to overcome and relearning to be done, because the game's changed a ton, but I don't know if I want to? I mean just the time it took to get there and the player base really hasn't changed that much...it's hard to grind it out like that now. Plus I'm an adult with adult responsibilities now...

    I can't play too many norms, because even though it says competitive in the description, people treat it like a joke, but playing ranked...its just stressful now. Unless you get that golden match with good back and forth and both teams are equally matched, which is what I call a unicorn match, it's predictable. If I was a mathematician I

    15 august 2019 10:53 77

    Back in the olden days of yonder my buddies and I used to hop on league after a long day of school and play normal's. Those games were fun as ****, we would pick unmeta things, goof off, and generally just have fun time. Now over the years about 95% of my buddies have just out right quit playing league which has left me in an interesting spot. I went from a player who primarily played normals to a "try hard" who only plays ranked.

    Any way the realization that I may not actually be having fun when I play league came when I started playing fortnite with my buddies (I know eww fortnite). After a few games of fortnite together my buddies and I instantly had flash backs of our old days of league where we used to laugh and were just happy. These flashbacks gave me a realization that I don't actually truly have fun playing league. It feels more like a chore, not a bad chore like cleaning the toilets but more of a chore that you do every day like doing the dishes. I enjoy doing the dishes I get satisfaction after my kitchen is entirely cleaned but I didn't have fun doing the dishes and thats how I feel when I play league.

    TL:DR after playing fortnite and having a great time with my pals I realized that league of legends is more like a chore to me, isn't terrible but isn't fun.

    15 august 2019 10:54 77

    Used to be addicted to this game, stopped after most of my friends went to other games, tried to solo play and it wasn't as fun and raged quit a few times. Great game tho and would recommend, play with friends to double the fun :D

    15 august 2019 12:27 77

    addicting game, scum bag company tho

    20 august 2019 21:02 77

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