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    LittleAceDragon, 18 july 2020 15:06

    Welcome to Bloxburg - all you need to know

    Roblox is a game platform with a lot of games of almost all genres and today I'm going to tell you something about a game of ,,Town and City'' genre.

    This game is ,,Welcome to Bloxburg''.

    So let's start!

    About the game

    The game was created on November 4, 2014 by Coeptus.

    This game costs 25R$.

    This game already visit 2.7B people and 94% from 2.4M people like it.

    There can be max 12 people on 1 server.

    When you log in

    When you first time log in, you get your house. Then (or when you log in next time) you have here Daily Reward (day 1 - day 5) and Visit Streak.

    (Daily Login)

    You spawn before your house, where you have trash and mail box. You can Manage Permissions, Throw Party or turn on Build Mode here. You can pay your bills here too. If not, they turn off your water and electricity.

    (Starter House)

    Let's a little bit describe your starter house.

    When you open doors, you walk in the bigest room. This is livingroom with kitchen corner. You have here table with chairs, sofa, TV, book-shelf and in corner is kitchen. In kitchen you have sink, fridge, oven and working desk. In kitchen you can prepare your food, wash dishes or take a glass of water. You can place your prepared food on table and later take a portion, when you are hungry. You can watch TV or read book. It's fun, so you won't be bored.

    (Living room with kitchen corner)

    Next to kitchen corner is door to your bedroom. There is a bed, where you can sleep, another book-shelf, wardrobe and chest of drawers. I think you can buy here a outfit slot for Bloxbux.


    Between TV and book-shelf in livingroom is another door. These doors are from the bathroom. In bathroom you have shower, toilet and sink. I don't think I must tell you what to do with this, but I still tell you. So... You can take a shower here, sit on toilet or brush your teeth.


    Around your house you have a garden. You can plant here flowers (and you must water them or they die), build here swimming pool or decorate it.

    You can go to Build Mode and change all your garden and house. Turn it into your dream house!

    (Build mode)

    Visit to the city

    Let's visit a city.


    You can find here a lot of buildings. There is a vehicles shop, you can buy here car or motorcycle. In the back of vehicle shop is service. Next to vehicle shop there is a gas station. Behind gas station is parking place. Across the road is a stall with fireworks. Next to left side of vehicle shop is a Pizza Planet. Next to Pizza Planet is furniture shop and next furniture shop is Beat, the night club. On end of this road is Bloxburg City Hall. Sadly I don't know what it is for. Before City Hall is Gym. Opposite Gym is BFF Supermarket. Behind the Supermarket is Hair Studio and next to Hair Studio is Janitor Service. At the corner of this road is Bloxy Burgers.

    A little bit out of town is Ice Cream Stand and Fisherman house. Between Fisherman house and Ice Cream stand is something like London Eye. Next to Fisherman house is beach, you can relax here.

    (,,Lodnon Eye'')

    Out of town is Lovely Lumber, mine, camp, another gas station and observatory.

    A lot of place to explore, right?


    A lot place in city is a lot of place where to work. Let's see where you can work!

    The first option is Cashier at Bloxy Burgers. My friend tell my, that it's easy and it make a lot of money, but in my opinion it's boring. Next one is Hairdresser at Stylez Hair Studio. I think it's a good place where to work, but again, you stand on one place and changing people's hair. The third available work is Mechanic at Mike's Motors (vehicle shop).
    It's easy and you aren't standing on one place, so in my opinion its really good place where to work. Next place where to work is Pizza Planet. You can be Baker or Delivery person. Sounds fun, right? Then we have here Fisherman house. You can be Fisherman. Standing on beach and catching fish. Good option if you're a lazy person. Or you can be Seller in Ice Cream Stand. If you don't like standing on one place like me, you can work as Stocker at BFF Supermarket. You will walk around the supermarket and replenish goods. Or you just can stand next to cash register and be Cashier here. Next place where to work is Lovely Lumber. You can be Woodcutter. Or you can work at Janitor Service. You will be running around and cleaning trash and graffiti. This is my favourit one. The last one is Miner.


    It's only your choice, what you wanna be!

    Mood and Skills


    There are four factors affecting your mood. They are FUN, ENERGY, HUNGER and HYGIENE. Now I tell you, how have them on 100% (or how don't look like smelly zombie :D).

    If you are bored (your fun factor is low) you can read book, watch TV, visit ,,London Eye'' or go swimming.

    If you are hungry, you need to prepare some food at your home or just visits Pizza Planet and buy some pizza or visit Bloxy Burgers and buy burger.

    You can rest in bed or sit on sofa to have more energy.

    If your hygiene is low, just go to your house and take shower or sit on toilet.

    These are ways how to have good mood and don't look like smelly zombie. :D

    Next one are skills

    We have some skills in game too. They are Cooking, Intelligence, Athletic, Gardering, Writing, Crafting, Gaming, Music, Painting and Programming.

    You can levelup them. For example, if you are preparing your food in your house, your cooking skill is getting better and in some time it get new level. If you are watering your flowers, your gardering skill is getting better. If you read books, your intelligence is getting better. If you going in Gym your athletic is getting better.

    I don't know how to level up others but I think if you wanna level up gaming, you need computer and for music you probably need guitar or some other music instrument. So think logically and you find what you need. :D


    A lot of Roblox games have gamepasses and Bloxburg have some too, so let's check it!

    The first gamepass is Premium. Description of this gamepass is ,,As a Premium member you get: halved bills, double daily rewards, a special nametag, increased donation limit and the ability to choose your plot!''
    This gamepass costs 400 R$.

    Next one is Multiple Floors. Description of this one is ,,Allows you to build up to 5 floors and make your house even more awesome.'' It costs 300 R$.

    Another one is Basements. This one allows you to build basements. Price is 100 R$.

    The fourth one is Large Plot. Description is ,,Increases the boundary size of your plots to 50x50, making it possible to build even bigger houses.'' This one costs 250 R$.

    Next one is Advanced Placing. It costs 200 R$ and description is ,,Allows you to place objects without collision checks in Build-Mode, which means that they can be placed inside each other.''

    The sixth one Excellent Employee. Description is ,,Makes you a truly excellent employee, increasing both your earnings and how often you get promoted.'' and it costs 300 R$.

    The last one is Unlocked Stereo. This one costs 400 R$ and description is ,,Allows you to: play sounds from the Roblox Library in-game, create custom playlists, access vehicle radios and use the DJ booth at BEAT.''


    Money and Bloxbux

    Let's find the difference between Money and Bloxbux.

    Money - You can get them from work, daily login (day 1 - day 4), from someone, who donate them to you or you can buy them for R$.

    Bloxbux - You can get them from daily login (day 5) or buy them for R$.

    For money you can buy food, firework, car, motorcycle, you can spend them in Build mode or you can donate them to other players.

    For Bloxbux you can buy Boost mood, car, morotcycles, another house slot or outfit slots.

    Roleplaying and hanging out with friends

    This game is really good for roleplaying and hanging out with friend. It's so realistic. You have here days and time, work, mood, houses and place to hang out with friend, place to explore. You have here everything you need.

    You can even turn into a baby.

    You can throw party too, new people, new friends, isn't it great?

    I think this is all I want to write.


    Build houses, work, roleplay, hang out with your friends, explore, throw parties and most importantly ENJOY PLAYING THIS GAME!

    Thank you all for reading this article and see you soon!

    Rate this article Welcome to Bloxburg - all you need to know

    (4.44/5) 329 rates

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    im still new in Bloxburg its my first time there in Bloxburg and i will be glad if someone answer to that and There is a free game which is like bloxburg called Rocitizens but there you can't build your own house.

    25 may 2021 07:25

    Friend me my username is DevinPlays_11 and my brother RICKYPLAYS_9

    15 september 2020 19:54

    yo no estoy de acuerdo en que tenga que pagar robux por jugar este juego, sin embargo reconozco que es un gran juego

    26 july 2020 00:41

    i love bloxburg

    6 january 2022 07:02

    There is a free game which is like bloxburg called Rocitizens but there you can't build your own house.

    21 july 2020 09:42

    Bloxburg is a very good game, it teaches us morals in our lives!

    24 march 2021 11:32

    bruh i love bloxburg

    25 april 2021 18:11

    Bloxburg? More like building houses simulator.

    28 april 2021 08:47

    bloxburg inspired by sims for me and so good article Thanks Arimoon

    3 september 2020 16:36

    im still new in Bloxburg its my first time there in Bloxburg and i will be glad if someone answer to that

    23 july 2020 08:30