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    (4.44/5) 295 rates
    DarkestTeddy, 8 december 2019 20:48

    Surviv.io - Part 1 - The Basics & Modes

    Hello people at Gamehag! Today, I'm going to be talking about a popular game that is 2 years old on the internet, Surviv.io. Keep in mind that this is my second article on Gamehag and if you have any feedback on it, please write it on the comment section. Anyway without further or do, let's talk about the game shall we?

    What is Surviv.io?

    Surviv.io is a free 2D battle royale browser game where players can join matches with up to 100 players and find items and weapons that allows them to kill people, securing that victory that everyone wants in the game.

    Full loot in a police station? Yes please!


    Surviv.io isn't your average battle royale game such as Fortnite and PUBG. (Ew, who still plays those games?) In fact, it's unique and the island changes every time you play on it! Every time you play, you will want to get a helmet and armor since it will prevent you from taking a lot of damage from players that attack you. Backpacks, pills, and badages also help you survive and increase the number of items you hold and your health. The weapons you find can vary, and there are also rare weapons that you can only find in certain locations of the island and have limited ammo. The game is mostly based on skills and the rarer the weapon you have in your inventory, you will have a better chance at winning during the game.

    Modes and Events:

    Like I said before, Surviv.io is a battle royale game. But that doesn't stop it from being fun! There are over 14+ ridiculously fun events in the game that happen every month or so in order to keep the game fresh and prevent boredom from happening. Since this is an article and some of the events aren't relevant to the game anymore, (My keyboard is also going to die soon...) I'm going to talk about the 6 most popular events in the game (Six is an odd number...) and what they are about:

    • Desert: Now you may be wondering what this mode is about, and it's actually pretty simple. During a normal match in the game, there's a rare flare gun that you can get which sends down an airdrop that contains many rare items and weapons. In this mode however, flare guns aren't that rare at all! In fact, they are pretty common. Airdrops will appear all over the island and you might want to be careful in case you have 4 flare guns and your in the middle of a town with 23 people. RUN!
    A couple of players fighting each other in squads which opening 3 airdrops
    • 50v50: Yep. Like the name says, this mode has two sides, each with 50 players. If your lucky enough, you will be selected as the leader, lieutenant, marksman, or medic which are all randomly selected after the game starts. If your selected as one of those people, you will receive unique weapons and abilities which can help your team win. After a certain amount of time, airstrikes will fall down which can be devastating and kill many people at once! WATCH OUT!
    A couple of players from the red team, moving towards a bridge that's leading to the blue team
    • Woods & Costumes: Now this is probably one of my favorite modes in the game. (Too bad it only happens once on Halloween...) Everything in this mode is the same as a regular match except the fact that it's dark out and there are pumpkins scattered around the island. If you find one, you will need to break it in order to receive a costume. The costumes in this mode are decorations and furniture that appear in normal matches. So, you can be anything you want from a big tree to an explosive barrel that allows you to sacrifice your life in exchange for a couple of kills from players. Now that's what I call a fun mode!
    A couple of players hiding in tables, logs, and barrels

    • Winter: This mode is going to come out soon since it's December, (obviously!) but let me just tell you about it before it comes out so you can prepare yourself for that snow... Like with the costumes, this event is the same as a regular match except for one thing, snowballs. If your lucky to find a couple, you can hit someone with it. It won't do a lot of damage to them, but it allows them to drop one random item or weapon from their inventory. So in theory, if you throw a snowball at someone with an insanely rare weapon, you can steal that weapon from them and kill them! SNOWBALL FIGHT!
    A couple of players having a snowball fight and obtaining katanas and pans which are melee weapons

    Potato: Now, this event is completely random and I have no clue how the devs came up with it, but it's awesome. So basically, everything is the same in this mode except the fact that there are potatoes on the island. Sadly, you can't eat the potatoes, but you can break them with a weapon. The weapon that you broke the potato with will disappear and get replaced with another completely random weapon. So, if your having a bad day and you have a common pistol in your hand, you can switch it out for a rare weapon by shooting a potato! (Or the same or a worse weapon than that if your completely unlucky...) So get your weapons ready and shoot potatoes!

    Hey! What do you know? Potatoes! (Sorry for the small image...)
    • Class Warfare: This limited time event is still available now, so play it before it's gone forever! Wait wait wait, I should probably tell you information about it before letting you play it. Ok, so this mode is actually pretty different from a regular match. In fact, it shouldn't be battle royale anymore! There are 5 classes to chose from: Scout, Sniper, Medic, Demo, Assault, and Tank. All of them are different and each class has two unique abilities that allows you to crush your enemies. Feel free to switch classes between rounds and the possibilities are endless for you to play as!
    Some of the classes being shown ingame

    Clothing and Survivr Pass:

    Ugh! There's a battle pass?! Yeah, there actually is one but let me just tell you one thing. There aren't going to be any default free-to-play players in the game since everything in the battle pass is completely free! Survivr Pass 1 is out now and there are currently 30 cosmetics and 35 tiers in it. Customize yourself with anything you like from fun emotes and crosshairs to sharp melee weapons! (The melee weapons don't do extra damage and they are cosmetics too...) There are also clothing items and they are really fun to look at and it helps players know who you are.

    Some of the things I gained from the Survivr Pass 1...


    Surviv.io is a pretty fun game and if you think that this is your cup of tea, then I suggest giving it a try! If you still don't like it based on what I'm saying about it, still give it a try since it's pretty good! The community for the game is constantly growing and the devs make fan made updates for the game from players like you! Who knows? Maybe your bored and the next day, your playing it on your phone! (Yes, this game is also on the app store!) So yeah, just give it a try and tell me what you think of it in the comment section!


    Note: Like I said earlier, this is my second article on Gamehag and if there are things that I can work on, please give me feedback in the comment section! Who knows? I might be playing Surviv.io with people like you one day! So until I see you next time, have a great and pleasant day!

    Rate this article Surviv.io - Part 1 - The Basics & Modes

    (4.44/5) 295 rates


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    I love this article also the game looks fun to play

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    I remember playing this few years ago. It was a fun Experience

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