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    (4.46/5) 346 rates
    Misty, 3 april 2020 12:40

    Star Trek Online - review

    Star Trek has long been enrolled in pop culture as a cult series, and its universe has been loved by people around the world since 1966. This science-fiction television series has also received full-length films, books, comics and games. Fans loved the vision of the future shown to them and with the development of Star Trek they delved into this amazing story, not letting it end. The Star Trek Online computer game was created for all lovers of the universe, so that they can feel the atmosphere of their favorite series and spend a great time together with its heroes.

    The game was set in 2409. The game produced by Cryptic studio was the first attempt to transfer the universe to computer screens. The team that made Star Trek Online was also responsible for producing other iconic online games such as City of Heroes. It is true that the game is not much different from other MMOs, so knowing the subject and getting on with the game, we are unlikely to be surprised. For people who want to familiarize themselves with the game and have never dealt with this way of playing before, it can be difficult at first. Fortunately, apart from us, there are thousands of other players who, like us, will try their hand at the beloved universe and not all of them are experienced. You all meet in the virtual version of our world in the 25th century. Each participant has the opportunity to explore new galaxies, duel and participate in major wars. It is also possible to perform individual tasks - missions, for individual factions. When starting the game, we need to create our character and choose one of three tactical, scientific or engineer careers. We set the sex, race, initial characteristics and of course appearance. Each player becomes a spaceship commander and with our development we can bring an ever stronger unit and a larger and more powerful crew. At the beginning of the game there are also helpful tutorials that will introduce you to the amazing world of Star Trek.

    We have many possibilities to reach new levels and improve our skills in the game. The first is to take on story missions, i.e. episodes. They are not the most difficult tasks, but in an interesting way they show subsequent events in Star Trek Online. They also add a lot of experience points, thanks to which we can quickly reach the highest level! The second way is to undertake a diplomatic mission whose task is to resolve the conflict without a fight. If you prefer group work, you can take part in the multiplayer mission (Fleet Action) or Special Task Force if you are a more ambitious player. Crafting will allow us to create new items, and PvP fight in the arena. Of course, there are many more possibilities, which is definitely a big advantage of the game, because each user can still discover new interesting ways to strive for success.

    During the game, we spend time traveling in space, we complete missions that lead us to ever higher levels and fight in various ways or trade. Everything has been created in such a way that we feel the ST atmosphere as much as possible and derive pleasure from our favorite universe. We often come across references to series or movies, which are a special taste for the biggest fans. After half a year of fierce game, we are already completely familiar and we can feel bored. At the same time, however, we are still waiting for more tasks and missions that do not allow us to finish this amazing adventure. Although the graphics of the game are not the most beautiful, the developers are still improving it and trying to introduce other news that will not let players get bored. It meets with many positive comments from fans who can lose themselves in their favorite universe and experience the best adventures during the game!

    Rate this article Star Trek Online - review

    (4.46/5) 346 rates

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    Star Trek Online

    If you're a fan of the Star Trek universe, then Start Trek Online will certainly draw your attention.Star Trek Online is a sci-fi MMORPG set in the universe known from the television shows and movies. After starting the game, we will easily sense the atmosphere of our favourite series as the main purposes of the gameplay are exp...


    birini sevenler like atsınlar sevmeyenler atmasınlar ben onu sevdim ama o beni takmadı diyenler efkarlı sözler yazsınlar yoruma

    29 april 2020 10:26

    me gusta su tematica de ese juego es cool y sus naves tanbien todo me justa

    17 july 2021 20:11

    it looks like dark orbit a little bit

    5 december 2021 05:43

    Nice game. I used to play like 5 hours a day. Now i dont.

    8 april 2020 18:08

    coll game I play every day !

    16 april 2020 18:54

    i'm curious about how grindy and pay 2 win this game is, as it is one of the games that you can earn SG playing. thanks for the article.

    9 may 2020 23:48

    soo nice

    24 september 2021 19:50

    this game is epic... huge world, neverending quests... cool! i think i will reconnect it :) thnaks for the good article!

    8 september 2020 20:27

    It's a very beautiful game . a huge world. it actually shows that develop have put their mind into making this game. however the gameplay feels a little bit of old genre games. If it could be remake into modern games, this game could become the best of the best

    27 june 2020 14:45

    I want to play this game but my on my pc i cant

    9 april 2020 10:29