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    (4.59/5) 393 rates
    spamcashcardi, 28 january 2020 07:18

    Rocket League - Controller vs. Keyboard?

    Welcome everyone - in this article, I will explain about the differences of playing on a controller, and a keyboard in Rocket League.

    ❓ Background information - If you haven't played Rocket League or still are new to the game

    In Rocket League, there is a huge difference between playing with a controller and a keyboard/mouse. What would happen if you had (as an example, lets say) 3000+ hours with a controller, and then one day decided to try to play with a keyboard? Most likely, you are gonna feel like you've NEVER played the game before. That, I can say that from personal experience. The other way around aswell, it is probably going to be very tricky if you've been playing on a keyboard, and then one day, switch it up to play with a controller.

    ❓ What does the professional players & most other players use?

    There is no doubt here. In all of Rocket League's time, the majority of players have preferred to play with a controller. For experienced players, it is sort of an unwritten rule to play with a controller over a keyboard/mouse. People in higher ranks will sort of 'punt' worse players, hinting at them that they are playing with a keyboard, if their performance is not on top. 

    This is even though we have professional players like Yukeo who is an Australian Rocket League player who has achieved huge results in his career, playing on a keyboard. For reference, he has won a Major tournament (DreamHack Pro Circuit) in Leipzig in 2019 with his team.


    Picture of Yukeo, at the DreamHack Pro Circuit stage in Leipzig

    ❓ Why is the majority sticking with controllers?

    As much as it's just a general 'personal preference', it could also very well come from the fact that Rocket League's originator, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (SARPB) was a PlayStation 3 game. The reason being, that SARPB was a PlayStation 3 game, which also means that people didn't have the opportunity to play with a mJ4eYGe8XvV23hIOnpitURz93a5E8Q.png at that time. That fact also means that in the beginning of Rocket League, most of the good/experienced and professional players, came from SARPB and were used to playing with a NPN9Yz4NFKlwJM0RXeiKyGhqo4qj0i.png. From that point on, the majority of people using a controller has just exploded.

    ❓ So, what is really better? Is it the controller, or the keyboard?
    Well.. In the end, that comes down to personal preference and habits no matter what. It is hard to determine what is better, and to be honest - that probably never will be answered. If we as an example take a player with 3000 hours, who has only been using a controller and match him up against a player with the same amount of hours, but who has only used a keyboard - You probably won't note any key differences. It is going to be a fair and square match, and the better player will most likely win the match.

    Rate this article Rocket League - Controller vs. Keyboard?

    (4.59/5) 393 rates


    controller console pc

    24 april 2020 02:04

    maybe it would be cool to play with controller I don't know

    2 june 2020 14:58

    PC like dislike ps

    2 may 2020 16:59

    this list was much entertaining...
    informative to explore the games it is very good

    25 february 2020 14:54

    cool article man!!!

    5 june 2020 17:21

    i tried playing with a controller connected to my pc
    i couldnt get the hang of it (been games playing only keyboard for years now) and all my friends on playstation play with the controllers and have better control over the ball

    19 july 2021 18:31

    Controller allows for precise movement. a keyboard is simply too limited. Though this being the case honestly i prefer keyboard.

    11 february 2020 09:08

    I dont play the game but i like the article

    2 february 2020 11:02

    even though I don't play this game I am a PC gamer so I would prefer keyboard

    4 february 2020 04:42

    😅it was easy playing this using the controller...
    the controller
    suits this kind of game....

    28 january 2020 11:08