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    (4.5/5) 430 rates
    Misty, 26 march 2020 13:31

    Pokemon Mega!

    Don’t we all know those cartoon little creatures called Pokemon and the most famous one of them - Pikachu? They’ve been conquering screens, toys and comic books market and the virtual world for many years now and their popularity continues to increase. Behind the phenomenon of fantastic, colourful little animals is the Japanese guy - Satoshi Tajiri, who collected insects and beetles on meadows in his childhood. As a teenager he has taken an interest in arcade games which made him establish an amateur gaming magazine “Game Freak” in 1989. The magazine has been growing strong and evolving. When the cartoonist Ken Sugimori joined the team, they decided to create their own games and the publishing house became a studio producing an electronic entertainment. Tajiri decided to transfer his childhood passion of catchings bugs to screens of the Game Boy consoles. In cooperation with Nintendo company and Creautres Inc. studio, after a few years of work, Pokemon little creatures finally saw the light of day in 1996. Nintendo quickly recognised the increasing popularity of Pokemon and thus the franchise came into being to result in card games, manga, anime series, feature films and, recently, the urban game - Pokemon Go! Japanese creatures rock the world!

    Pokemon Go is an extremely addictive browser MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) game that’s really entertaining for the players. It doesn’t resemble its prototypes dedicated to the Nintendo equipment. Pokemon Mega is a combination of classic Game Boy entertainment (including catching Pokemon, trainings and fighting other players) with typical MMO elements (guilds, trade, tournaments etc.). Despite the gameplay runs a bit slowly there are a lot of attractions in the game. Thanks to the fact that Pokemon Mega is a browser type of game, it’s easily accessible and can be played everywhere. Pokemon Mega graphics are very pleasing to the eye, mainly because the main motive are cute, little creatures.

    The player takes on the role of Pokemon’s trainer. To begin the adventure the player’s account has to be created and the avatar picture chosen - available in both female and male versions. Next you have to choose your first Pokemon. What’s interesting, despite the fact that there are all the Pokemon generations available in the game, the first, initial Pokemon is to be chosen from the three eldest ones - Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur. The Pokemon Mega fighting system is based on the tournaments. The gameplay rolls quite slowly and is nearly completely automatised, except the situations when the player hunts the Pokemon in order to catch it. Basically, the team system is applied to the game, meaning you may engage up to six main Pokemon at once. Sometimes the combination of particular Pokemon creatures may surprise you for they gain brand new properties.

    To increase Battle Rate (BR), the player may also catch a new Pokemon from the wild via the Pokemon Center, the Safari or the region map. Similarly to the original Pokemon games, in order to catch a new Pokemon, the player needs to first reduce its health. This effect may be achieved with pokeballs of three kinds, each of which has its own success rate. Pokemon creatures are to catch in various regions of Kanto map in addition to Viridian Forest that is a default action background. In order to move to other regions the player has to click on the minimap. Different surroundings allow to catch various types of Pokemon of distinct biomes.

    Apart from the Pokemon hunting, there are many different forms of encounters too. The Battle button allows to fight the “bosses”. The Quick Combat available from the level 21 up enables the player to get to rewards screen once a day. More quick combats are accessible when paid for with the Diamonds. There is also an additional option of challenging to a duel other players visible on the region map. You may improve your Pokemon several ways. They can be leveled up using experience fruits, without even using them in battle. They can be evolved as well, in order to increase their star rating and for some of them there is even an option of Mega Evolution that will boost their stats greatly. In contrast to former games, you can equip every Pokemon with four types of the gear in the Pokemon Mega game. As you may expect, the gear provides Pokemon with quite an amount of BR points, therefore it’s really worth doing it.

    A big plus of the Pokemon Mega game is the fact, that besides many options available in the pay-to-win system only, the game is generous enough for those diligent, free-to-play users, offering them free-of-charge VIP upgrade every ten levels up to level 30. Therefore it’s possible to reach the VIP 3 without spending a single penny. However reaching the VIP 4 grade will require a small payment. The game offers many interesting bundles and passes to the players willing to spend some money. Same way as other MMORPG games, the Pokemon Mega game provides its players for guilds to create communities around. This option is unlocked at level 26 giving the player a possibility to join the guild or to create a new one (2000 Diamonds are needed to that outcome).

    Pokemon Mega is not like any previous original game, but its innovative and addictive form of the gameplay makes it easy to immerse in for long hours. Of course, let’s not forget about an extensive amount of content the game offers - trainings, battles, the gym, but also a variety of Pokemon little creatures who you may collect and improve in many ways. If you’re a Pokemon fan and enjoy everything that’s Pokemon-related - this is a perfect game for you!

    Rate this article Pokemon Mega!

    (4.5/5) 430 rates

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    Pokemon Mega

    The popularity of Pokemon is unquestionable, and their phenomenon, although incomprehensible to some, is not subject to any discussion. After the success of Pokemon Go, it is not surprising that there are more and more games on this market devoted to this topic. Pokemon Mega belongs to this category as well.Pokemon Mega is a com...


    good game for all pokemon lovers lol

    9 april 2020 13:52

    best article and cool game thanks

    5 may 2020 21:46

    very good article i watched pokemon go with 4 years now i have 10 years and playing pokemon go i got pikachu

    26 may 2020 14:13

    Pokemon GO Great Game Cool And NIce!

    5 june 2020 14:28

    Sometimes the combination of particular Pokemon creatures may surprise you for they gain brand new properties.

    13 april 2020 08:53

    i like the normal version of pokemon this is not what i expected

    11 april 2020 15:54

    ı love pokemon anime

    19 may 2020 10:16

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    25 april 2020 19:17

    Pokemon best game evver

    30 march 2020 11:20

    pokemon en sevdigim oyundur sen bunun makalesini yapmışsın cok güzel olmuş

    29 march 2020 15:48