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    Misty, 1 october 2019 13:51

    News from Gamehag #1 - Command Center, new chests, new rewards


    Along with all of the other changes we have for you, we’ve decided to introduce a new series of articles - News from Gamehag! It is meant to inform you as fast as possible about any new rewards, promotional events, and other changes on the portal.

    News from Gamehag will be appearing as often as it’s needed - in case of promotional event, any significant changes, or adding a great pool of new interesting rewards to the site.

    We encourage you to read those short texts right away - quite often it will be very helpful in acquiring Soul Gems…

    Let’s begin!

    Home page for logged in users has been updated

    From now on you have access to the Command Center, which is essentially a dashboard from where you can easily access the most important features of the platform. Additionally, you will find the following options there:

    Task for Now and Other Tasks - highlighted tasks rewarded with Soul Gems, experience points, and, in the future, with additional rewards (such as chests, runes, or even games!)

    Latest Premieres and Most popular rewards - Lists of the hottest and historically the most popular rewards. Prepared, so you could be always up to date with our new stuff.

    News, Daily Deals, rewards for the next level, live drop, chosen reward - features already known, from now on display in a more accessible and friendly way.

    New chests have appeared in the shop

    As much as 15 new chests of different kinds have appeared in the shop - they contain activation keys, CS:GO skins, virtual currencies, and gift cards.

    Most of the new chests have been created with fans of specific genres in mind, so the chances of getting the game you really like to get are now significantly higher.

    Content of the remaining chests have been updated with new game releases, more virtual currencies, and a bigger choice of CS:GO skins.

    A huge pool of new rewards has landed in our store!

    Fifa 20, Borderlands 3, and many, many more hot PC premieres!

    Teamfight Tactics and Dota 2 Autochess rewards

    Much wider choice of game activation keys for XBOX!

    Rate this article News from Gamehag #1 - Command Center, new chests, new rewards

    (4.73/5) 159 rates


    Nice article thx

    13 may 2020 18:45

    Good news im looking forward for it

    15 july 2020 19:37

    where is the real command center

    13 september 2020 03:28

    Yea kinda helpful.

    20 november 2020 17:42

    are chests worth it?

    11 april 2021 23:37

    Nice layout boi this the best article I've seen,with the design and stuff

    30 march 2020 12:39

    It’s alright!😄 🤩|Greetings! Welcome to Blox-ton Hotel! My name is TwicetagramGAMER and you’re at the Housekeeping desk. How may I help you?

    12 april 2020 09:37

    Good articl

    19 november 2020 08:17

    Good news im looking forward for it verry good

    7 august 2020 16:12

    woo hooo right on

    4 may 2020 09:52