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    Rate this article "Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming - review"

    (4.58/5) 139 rates
    Misty, 19 september 2019 16:18

    Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming - review

    "Game of Thrones Winter is Coming" is a browser strategy game with RPG elements. As the name suggests, it is based on the license of the extremely popular and already iconic television series "Game of Thrones". The series, in turn, was inspired by the book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" author of which is George R. R. Martin. The Chinese studio Yoozoo Games is responsible for publishing and creating the game, in cooperation with Warner Bros, HBO and Interactive Entertainment.

    Let's look at the story first. “Game of Thrones Winter is Coming” takes place on the continent of Westeros, which is set in a brutal fantasy world. Noble families are plotting all the time. A constant struggle for power is usual there. In addition, in the game you can find mythical, strange, undead creatures which are extremely dangerous to the living.

    The game draws us from the very beginning into the fantasy atmosphere, which is highly valued by the fans of the series. We must admit that this game is a very good escape from everyday life. The game world is constructed in such way it can hypnotize. In addition to graphic design elements, which may not be particularly modern, but still quite accurate and refined, the creation of an amazing atmosphere is influenced by the wonderful soundtrack. This is a very strong advantage of this game. At the beginning a tutorial appears. It is obvious that everyone likes to bypass this element of introduction, but it's good to get through it. Thanks to this, the game is much easier.

    One of the most important elements in this type of games is the interface. Fortunately, the interface of "Game of Thrones Winter is Coming" was created in a completely intuitive way - it is clear and comfortable. Every gamer knows perfectly well that this element can spoil even the best game when not being clear.

    The gameplay is adjusted to the player's level. We start playing with a very small castle, which should be gradually expanded over time. We need to create new buildings which will make life and gameplay easier. The more experience we gain and the more we develop our world, the longer it takes to expand. It may be a bit annoying, but it is also characteristic for this type of games, so you should not treat it as a disadvantage.

    At the beginning, we are protected by a “guaranteed security” period. The developers have created such a system so the player is not frustrated by a quick failure. This is a good marketing procedure. You have to be careful, because as soon as the protection period expires, your castle can be attacked immediately by any enemy nation. From the tenth level there is also the possibility that our ruler will be captured.

    The game is created so that it is impossible to get bored with it. The economic and strategic aspects are constantly interwoven with a plot and various tasks which must be meticulously completed. The game is also not a blind representation of the GOT series. In addition to the specific atmosphere and well-known characters, the game is a completely new thing, so surely loyal fans of the series will not be bored with repeated threads.

    "Game of Thrones Winter is Coming" is created for multiplayer fun. The game allows for creating alliances which will definitely increase our chances of winning. You can defend the castle in groups or solo. An additional advantage is the possibility to give presents to all friends when someone buys a premium package. An interesting addition to the game are the weekly, real-time fights for each castle. The alliances which are worth joining are those coordinated on external communication channels or those with rich players. This affects the opportunities we can achieve, as well as the speed of our progress.

    "Game of Thrones Winter is Coming" is an interesting proposition, not only for fans of the series. As for a browser game, it is created really well, and it surprises with its nice graphic design. The game can draw a player in for many hours, and that's all it is about. This game will definitely appeal to all fantasy fans.

    Rate this article Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming - review

    (4.58/5) 139 rates


    this game looks sick, thank you for this article, I'll try this game asap.

    14 october 2019 20:11

    i love GoT, looking forward to this

    8 january 2020 09:30

    Pretty cool game and also the article !!! Great job and nice work !!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDD

    16 may 2020 19:58

    woww thank you very much I like game

    10 january 2021 12:47

    Pretty cool game and also the article

    2 february 2020 21:13

    what a nice article you creat

    30 may 2020 22:41

    Bu makaleyi okuduğumda kendime geldim

    5 may 2020 10:04

    Very good. i belived it was gonna be boring whitout watching the series first. but it turned out the gameplay was just as a normal game and no storybacks you need to know because you watched the serie


    17 november 2019 21:59

    abı oncelıkle sa abı soyle soyleyım cok dramatık mantıklı bır ejderhalar olsun ordualr olsun sonun da hepsı yanlıs ılskılerın kurbanılar mesela edhard stark abı adamn ıdam sahnesı benı benden goturdu veya jame lenesterın olumu fılan baya ıyıydı kısacası ıyı💯

    15 april 2020 22:05

    keep your going in the Article

    15 january 2020 17:54