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    Misty, 27 january 2020 12:39

    Fortnite Battle Royale

    Fortnite is a computer game that is consistently well-loved by players of any age, especially the younger ones, in the last few years. It has been created in 2017 and issued by the People Can Fly along with Epic Games studios. The first part of the game which is Fortnite: Save the World is a typical survival game, including the cooperation mode. Players mostly take care of the research, raising the fortifications and, naturally, fighting the unknown creatures that continuously attack them. It’s also possible to choose the multiplayer mode, where the main goal is to survive and win the gameplay as one of at most one hundred players, which receives a lot of users’ attention. The second part of the game, called Fortnite Battle Royale, issued in 2018 by Epic Games studio, is on the other hand a multiplayer computer game created and inspired by the success of the other games of this kind. The player is being located on the map (at most four-person one) with other players in order to defeat them to win. Battle Royale became a true phenomena and it is still being extended and improved in order to satisfy new players that keep on joining this survival entertainment.

    Fortnite Battle Royale is a free-to-play game, which enables all the players to enter the gameplay and become familiar with the game’s world for free. However, everyone has the possibility to improve themselves with the use of micro payments, which donate the game. Using the game’s currency, the v-bucks, you can purchase better skins that, thanks to combat carnets, allow you to gain the experience points much faster. Very few of the players reject the micro payments, for it is a great way to support the publisher and provide yourself with more entertainment and fun during the gameplay. Also it allows users to gain access to new options that have already delighted a lot of Fortnite enthusiasts.

    Micro payments have made a great source of income for Epic Games thus the studio earns even 300 million dollars per month, which is an enormous amount for each one of us. Thanks to income of that worth, the creators may afford to set up high e-sport tournament prizes (that reach even 100 million dollars!), therefore it is worth to master your skills in order to make really good money.

    Each of us once was a beginner and didn’t really know how to enter the game in order to get an insight and the pleasure of the gameplay. When you start with Battle Royale, it is worth to collect all the items you can put your hands on. This way you will never be left unarmed and with time you will definitely come across something even better. Don’t try to fight just anyone on the map when you’re not armed enough, because it’s simply not your task. With your poor skills and experience, you will end up the game quickly while the main task is to survive as long as possible. It’s much better to focus on collecting the resources, band aids and first-aid kits in order to develop yourself systematically and to protect yourself against other players’ nastiness. The gameplay starts with a little warm-up that doesn’t affect the further part of the tournament. When the actual game begins you are being moved into the BattleBus. Don’t be afraid to experiment while choosing the location. Of course it’s obvious that going where there’s a lot of weapons is the easiest way, but that’s exactly what every beginner thinks. Having no experience though, it is hard to fight others for it, therefore it is a good idea to test yourself elsewhere and find out if there’s something interesting to be found at the given location. You may find the items in various places such as houses, sheds and boxes and locate them by recognizing the sounds they make. It appears most of them is to be found in attics or basements, which is why it is worthwhile to take a closer look there in order to collect the necessary armour. Don’t forget to look for an ammo as well, you will need it when you find a proper gun. You need the raw materials as well, like wood, clay or stone, thanks to which you will be able to construct the fortification later on. All of the items in the game are located randomly, so don’t insist on one area only, because the items situated there may switch their placement with others depending on the match.

    A typical inconvenience and a danger for the Fortnite Battle Royale players is a storm that arises at some point. It grows stronger in time therefore it causes more and more damage. Avoid any contact with the storm if you only can, in order not to put yourself in danger of injuries and to survive on the map as long as possible. Use all the additional items you might find to escape it. The real fight will occur at the end of the game, when you will finally have to defeat your opponents. That will be the time to build your fortification in the eye of the storm. Our first advice - use metal resources for the outer edge of your fortress, in order to withstand the rocket impacts and other damages caused by your enemy. Out of human history and experience we know the fortresses have been always built on hills to give an advantage over the enemy from the very start of the fight. It is exactly the same in Fortnite - build your fort on the hill thus you will be able to see the opponent and prevent him to defeat you. When you’re ready, use you shooting skills and overpower other players by using your guns.

    You may be wondering how to construct the given fortification. Let’s just start with an overview of the most important things that are the resources and the equipment you collect them with. You must remember the pick makes a noise, so you better hurry while using it, not to expose yourself to your enemies attack. You may collect wood which is the most common, but also the weakest of building materials. Therefore it is not recommended to use it as a main building supply, try to use bricks, a clay or a stone instead. They are more rarely available, but stronger and more durable. There’s no denying that metal is the best building material you can use to raise a solid construction. You may collect it by destroying cars at Greasy Grove and Pleasant Park. Search through the bodies of your opponents whom you (or someone else) have defeated, probably you’d find valuable building materials you can use later on in the gameplay. Metal can be used not only as a building material, but also as a protection of your character. If you know you’re going to be shot at, quickly build a metal wall to shield yourself from the bullets and to give yourself a time for preparation of the counterattack.

    The last essential element of the gameplay you must remember is a good shooting technique, that will eventually guarantee your win. The most important thing you should know is that the game relies on the hitscan system, creating some kind of shooting illusion. Don’t bother with what you see, with the bullets heading your enemy - just aim and shoot. It is also worth to become familiar with a weapon bloom term, the randomness of which hinders the gameplay for many players, resulting with the bullets not reaching the expected target. Those two terms create a system which effectively hinders the shooting procedure, but it’s nothing you couldn’t deal with as you gain your experience and skills in battle. What we advise is to focus on the bigger parts of your enemy’s body in the beginning, such as the chest, in order to make sure you’ll reach the target no matter the bullet’s track deviation. Following all the given tips you will definitely quickly learn how to win and will be able to develop your Fortnite skills. One day you will perhaps be ready to compete in one of the e-sport tournaments, to win and earn money you have never dreamed of!

    Rate this article Fortnite Battle Royale

    (4.35/5) 527 rates

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    WARNING: To complete this offer correctly you have to create new account in game!Fortnite Battle Royale - a Unreal Engine 4's game produced by the People Can Fly (known for Bulletstorm or Painkiller) in cooperation with Epic Games. You can play Fortnite alone or together with friends - this is a great way to spend your free time...


    good game children love it

    16 february 2020 16:06

    best battle royala game , this and apex best batlle royale games

    9 july 2020 12:55

    ur opponents whom you (or some epix or good

    25 february 2020 14:55

    I love this game my friends play this game and love this game i like this game fornite cool name. Bye

    20 february 2020 17:04

    Hopefully, with less cheating, the game will get better

    17 march 2020 11:51

    awesome game

    24 february 2020 17:17

    kXjaj sadhuawdha ugwadyuagd

    28 march 2020 19:01

    графика топ

    29 march 2020 14:46

    Who else misses the good times in fortnite where you and your friends were hyped on getting your first win

    13 november 2021 06:15

    this game is pretty good exept that moretry hards have gotten in the game, but other than that its a fun game.

    3 february 2020 08:20