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    (4.53/5) 357 rates
    t4tsumihyaku, 7 may 2020 06:47

    Black Book: Prologue - game review.

    Black Book: Prologue is an RPG free-to-play game, that was released in 2020 by the video game publisher HypeTrain Digital.
    In the game, we get into the role of a character called Valissa, which is considered the main character in the game.
    Mainly, in this game, we explore different areas and fight some unknown creatures.



    The story takes place in a village called Cherdyn. There was a man known as the Old Egor. He is a man that possessed the knowledge. He also raised a girl called Valissa  - the main character in the game. Valissa is an orphan.
    She never wanted to become a witch; she wanted to marry the person she truly loved.

    Unfortunately, her partner committed suicide; he was burred beyond the churchyard. In Christianity, suicide is considered a sin. It means that Valissa's partner went straight to hell due to his suicide. She wanted to free his soul. For the purpose, she had to open a certain amount of seals of the Black Book to follow him down. That's why she took the final decision to become a witch.
    Most commonly, witches are initiated in bathhouses and on crossroads.
    One day, Valissa and her grandfather decided to walk to the crossroads at midnight.



    When we start playing for the first time, we will see Valissa  talking to her dead partner.
    She couldn't believe his death. Valissa was claiming that everything was going to be alright.
    She said that she was going to take her grandfather's knowledge.
    Valissa reminisced his dead partner's thoughts on that. He didn't like the idea, but she was out of options.

    When we get out of the area, we will see that we've spawned on a meadow with many birds flying around our character.


    Our first goal will be to go to the crossroads.
    When we enter Mikhail's crossroads, we will spot the orphan's grandfather - Old Egor.
    The reason behind the name of these crossroads was that once upon a time, there was a merchant. His name was Mikhail. One day, he was found dead at the same place, because of some runaway workers who murdered him on purpose.


    After we meet up with Valissa's grandfather, he'll tell us to go to the milepost  to look for candles.
    The candles have amazing abilities; they usually defend us from devils. They're really important for the ritual.

    After collecting them, we will have to draw a circle without any gaps. Otherwise, our character will be smashed by the devil.
    When we draw the circle, the Old Egor will give us the Black Book.
    By opening it, we will have to spell the words the orphan's grandfather taught her.

    First Battle


    The words she had to spell were:

    I shall get up and not make the sign of the cross, but I shall go to the crossroads.
    On the crossroads, I shall draw a circle, and step into it.
    And I shall speak...
    Good merchants, come and buy my cat!
    For the cat gives me not an inconvertible rouble, nor a fine hat.
    But bestow me with the knowledge of the dark, and eyes with vision sharp.
    As I said, so it will be.
    My words are stone!

    After spelling these words, her grandfather gave her the merchants.
    Her first task was to defeat a demon.


    As time passes by, we will see a book that contains all words that make up our spells.
    Each word has its meaning and ability.
    The enchanted words in the book can protect our character from the demons. Sadly, this defense fades very quickly.
    After spelling the words from the book, a maw is going to open.
    By getting inside the maw, cradles will round our character.
    After standing up, we will hear a silent voice congratulating us for defeating our first demon.


    Valissa had a question to the mysterious creature that was talking to her;

    I'm curious, can the Black Book grant any wish?

    The answer was positive.
    The truth was that the book can make other people meet with people that already passed away in the past.
    That's all she needed.
    Nobody on earth was able to open the scroll or to look into the Black Book.

    After hearing the answer, she woke up.
    Since then, she is a real witch.



    I rate the game with 6/10, here's why:

    The graphics aren't on a good level, the sounds aren't that bad.
    In the beginning, the basics aren't clear. We need some time until we understand the basics of the game.
    The game is only available in English, which is a downside for me since many people don't speak proper English.
    This game takes too long to start; I had to wait at least 10 minutes until the game starts; the game would crash on moments.
    The thing that makes this game really good for me is the story. The story is pretty sad, but also pretty inspiring at the same time.

    I wouldn't recommend this game to very impatient people.
    This game definitely requires a lot of patience and time.


    Rate this article Black Book: Prologue - game review.

    (4.53/5) 357 rates


    oml this looks addicting lol
    The graphich look pretty cool too, I think that i should play it. I mean that's my opinion on it-

    24 may 2020 17:20

    استمر في ذلك

    2 february 2022 16:20

    I love this article as weel as this game. It's very much fun

    30 may 2020 11:50

    you have mentioned near to total things, but missed which weapons we can utilize in the gameplay

    20 may 2020 12:09

    DUDE, I really liked this article!

    15 may 2020 01:01

    very nice ../i love it

    20 may 2020 15:44

    Very cool and great article! Nice job

    17 may 2020 19:42

    Tremendous work, keep it up mate!

    7 may 2020 07:46

    Pretty cool original article. Well done.

    7 may 2020 07:25

    love the work

    7 may 2020 07:02