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    Get Platinum absolutely for free!

    Many games use a micropayment system, thanks to which you can buy better equipment, armor, abilities or unlock inaccessible levels or characters. That's how it is in Warframe. Warframe is a typical action shooter multiplayer game played as a co-op and PvP. The game is free and has quickly won the hearts of the players. It tells the story of an ancient race of super-people called Tenno. Tenno people were fighting wearing super armors called Warframes. If you want to spice your gameplay up a little, just spend some Platinum on interesting add-ons. Do you want to get some of this currency for free? Exchange your Soul Gems for rewards in the form of a Warframe wallet recharge.


    Game recharges


    An interesting action shooter set in a science fiction world, telling about incredible people fighting a deadly scourge. This description, without a doubt, tells everything about Warframe. The game has been winning the hearts of the players since 2013. The eponymous Warframes are super armors made to tame the amazing powers of the Tenno people. The game’s storyline tells about the attack of evil mutants and their desire to take over the planet, which the Tenno watch over. If you want to fight those monstrosities more effectively, you should buy some upgrades and weapons. For this purpose, Platinum will be required. Do you want some Platinum for free? All you need to do is exchange your Soul Gems for the Gamehag rewards!

    How to use the Platinum code:

    1. Choose More Payment Methods option on the Warframe website.

    2. Search for the "Obucks" phrase.

    3. Enter the code.