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    Platinum 170 (Warframe) bg

    Get Platinum 170 absolutely for free!

    If you're a fan of cooperative shooters embedded in a science fiction world, you've probably already played Warframe. It is a sandbox TPS free to play game created by Digital Extremes. The game’s storyline tells about the awakening of the ancient Tenno race. Tenno people had been fighting to defend humanity many years ago. This time it wasn’t humans who awakened them from lethargy. The eponymous Warframes, are special armors created to tame and concentrate the powers of the Tenno. There is also a micropayment system in the game. It allows you to buy new armors, weapons or unlock abilities. Do you want to get some Platinum for free to buy something for your hero? Gamehag offers you to exchange your Soul Gems for 170 Platinum!

    Platinum 170 bg

    Platinum 170

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    Game recharges


    Many modern multiplayer games offer micropayment systems which allow to buy weapons, armor or abilities for our heroes. This system has also been used in Warframe. The eponymous Warframe is a biomechanical armor created especially for the ancient race of warriors who have been awakened after hundreds years of sleep. The game is a cooperative action sandbox in the form of TPS. The game has been popular all over the world for several years now. Would you like to top up your virtual wallet in Warframe with a nice sum of Platinum allowing shopping? Today you can exchange your Soul Gems for 170 Platinum!

    How to use the Platinum code:

    1. Choose More Payment Methods option on the Warframe website. 2. Search for the "Obucks" phrase. 3. Enter the code.