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    Platinum 445 (Warframe) bg

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    Warframe is an interesting action shooter set in a sandbox science-fiction world. The plot of the game tells about fights between different factions and the Tenno race. Tenno are smarter, faster and more powerful than people. They have to wear the eponymous Warframes which are special biomechanical armors created to control and focus their abilities. The game, like many other multiplayer titles, has developed a micropayment system which allows you to buy better armor, weapons or unlock skills in the game. In Warframe, Platinum is the currency. If you would like to top up your virtual wallet with a lot of cash called Platinum, you can exchange your Soul Gems for the 445 Platinum prize!

    Platinum 445 bg

    Platinum 445

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    To 24 hours

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    Do you want to save Soul Gems?

    You can get this reward in different ways! Try your luck in chests and competitions!


    Game recharges


    Since 2013, many people around the world have been playing a science fiction shooter called Warframe. This is an interesting sandbox TPS multiplayer game, telling about fights of the ancient Tenno race against modern factions and aliens. The eponymous Warframe is a special armor which allows to tame and at the same time focus supernatural powers of the Tenno people. The micropayment system in the game allows you to buy upgrades for your Warframe, as well as better armors or weapons. If you would like to top up your virtual account with a huge sum of the currency called Platinum, you can exchange your Soul Gems for the prize. 445 Platinum is waiting for you at Gamehag.

    How to use the Platinum code: 1. Choose More Payment Methods option on the Warframe website. 2. Search for the "Obucks" phrase. 3. Enter the code.