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    Get Minecraft absolutely for free!

    Minecraft is a cult game offering players unlimited possibilities. The style of the game refers to a huge sandbox, which the player can explore. You can also build various objects and destroy some of those which are already built. However, to achieve these opportunities, you need to become a miner first and extract the right materials.

    The graphic design is kept in a retro convention. It is very characteristic. Each element of the world is made of huge blocks of voxels. It is possible to play together with other players in multiplayer.


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    Gamehag is a place where all players will find something interesting for themselves. Especially for them, we offer a system of collecting Soul Gems for daily activities. Those Gems can later be exchanged for great rewards.

    Minecraft is a survival game characterised by an open world. The game involves building and destroying various objects which are randomly located in the huge game world. The only thing which can limit the player in building is his imagination.

    Don't hesitate, exchange your Soul Gems for the iconic Minecraft game now!