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    Simile a call of duty


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    Stormfall: Age of War

    The lands of Darkshire have been overwhelmed by chaos. Become one of the Stormfall throne pretenders and defeat your opponents in a browser strategy game named Stormfall: Age of War.Your main objective is to ensure a good economic development of your kingdom and make an invincible army. All of this is settled in a fantas...

    Soul Gems


    Crossout is a MMO action game based in a post-apocalyptic world. It has been developed by the creators of the famous War Thunder and brings to us a completely refreshed gameplay on somewhat different terms.If you think Crossout is an other clone of the Wargaming games or War Thunder, then this will bring you a pleasant surprise ...

    Final Fantasy XV

    PLEASE NOTE: This offer is available just for NEW users!Build your own city in the Final Fantasy XV universe. Experience a whole new adventure on your phone!Join your favourite characters from FFXV and build your empire by collecting valuable resources, creating the army you will elaborate some cool strategies with and take part...


    Closers is a Korean action MMO RPG game, developed by Naddic Games and first released in 2014. The authors created their own graphic engine NKX. The plot of the game takes the players to the newly rebuilt city called New Seoul, which was totally destroyed during the First Dimensional War. At that time, the monsters entered into...

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