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    3 years ago


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    Махачкала (Республика Дагестан)


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    Warface is a free-to-play FPS game created by the famous Crytek studio. If you're familiar with such titles as Far Cry or Crysis, then you'll surely know what to expect from this publisher - a pure action!A New World Order emerged and it's up to you which side will you help in the serious conflict between two major factions - Wa...

    Hero Rage

    Hero Rage is a browser-based MMORPG game with a colorful world, monsters and PVP mode. The story begins in the fierce after the struggle of the world with the Great Demon, whose soul was broken into pieces with the help of the mighty Excalibur sword and scattered around the world, so that it would never work out to collect the ...

    Money Racing

    Money Racing is a special browser-based racing game, in which the biggest advantage is the real money withdrawal. The developers of the game did not put a lot of attention at graphics or the real physics of the game, as the effects here are not the same as in other car simulators. But here with each start there is a risk and adr...

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