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    About Warface

    Warface is a free-to-play FPS game created by the famous Crytek studio. If you're familiar with such titles as Far Cry or Crysis, then you'll surely know what to expect from this publisher - a pure action!

    A New World Order emerged and it's up to you which side will you help in the serious conflict between two major factions - Warface and Blackwood. Fight versus other players in Versus or form a team in an unique co-op mode. The versus gives you an opportunity to shoot in six different game modes: the Storm, where you have to capture or defend three strategic points; Plant the Bomb; the desctruction, where your objective is to deliver three air strikes on the enemy base, Free For All (FFA), Team Death Match (TDM) and tactics.

    Choose among four different classes, each having different roles in the battlefield: a Rifleman, a Sniper, a Medic or an Engineer. Experience an epic action with breathtaking Cryengine graphics, customize your weapons and show to the enemy players, who's the boss!

    You have to create a new account by the "Play for free" button in order to receive Soul Gems! Turn off your AdBlock if you can't reach a website!

    The task for Warface

    Play and Advance to the Soldier rank

    Reward for this task


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    11 december 2017 23:37

    Not too hard to achieve.Go for it

    12 december 2017 09:01

    ujdfbsbfjksbdf sskdk

    12 december 2017 09:02

    sdf sdv sd

    12 december 2017 09:03

    dfk df dsf d

    12 december 2017 10:11

    Hey, Why is my task refused.


    I fullfilled your req. "You have to create a new account by the "Play for free" button in order to receive Soul Gems! Turn off your AdBlock if you can't reach a website!"

    12 december 2017 18:43

    good game

    12 december 2017 18:46

    Öncelikle Selamün aleykum oyunu oynayın beğenmesseniz oynamayın )

    12 december 2017 19:13

    good game

    13 december 2017 15:39

    How i get this gems

    13 december 2017 16:07

    ujsdfbsdf sdfh sdhf


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