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    Commented subject Knife gamehag ??.
    2 years ago

    Come knife on gamehag ?


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    Adventure with Misty

    Adventure with Misty is a free arcade game in which you play the role of the witch Misty, your assistant from the Gamehag portal.This time, however, Misty will not be able to help you to get free rewards.In the game you will face frightening adversities. Avoid the deadly spikes and the dragon fire, collect the Soul Gems so they ...

    Sweet Maker - DIY Match3 Mania

    Sweet Maker is a simple "three in a row" game, in which the task is to put the sweets in a certain way. We will find hundreds of levels, but if this is not enough, we have the opportunity to play the levels made by our friends and other players, as well as we can create the levels ourselves and share it with the world -...

    Conquerors: Clash of Crowns

    Transport yourself to the Arabic Empire where you can go back in time to help the Arab people defend their lands from the foreign invasions. This real-time strategy game was being developed for 3 years and became the first and the best historical game dedicated to the Arab world. Every character has its own personality, differen...

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