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    received a reward - Random Steam CD-Key.
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    3 years ago

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Release date
    PES 2018 will be on Tuesday,September 12th in the USA and Thursday September 14th in Europe and Asia.It will be released on PS4,Xbox One,PC,PS3 and Xbox 360.It will cost 49.99pounds on PS4 and Xbox One,its slightly cheaper 44.99 pounds on PC,PS3 and Xbox360.There is also a special FC Barcelona edition that cost slightly more 57.99pounds on PS4 and 64.99 pounds on Xbox One it will include special Barcelona myClub agents,a Barcelona theme and 1,000 myClub coins as bonus content.PES 2018 will not be released on Nintendo Switch.
    New Features:
    1)More realistic game speed,new free-kick and penalty kick system,Strategic dribbling,
    2)Better Graphics,
    3)New co-op (2 against 2) and (3 against 3)
    4)Random Selection Match,Master league got pre-season,a new transfer system,
    5)All of menus as well as tactics and team selection screens have been overhauled,
    6)It will include PES League which includes myClub,Random Selection Match,Co-op game  modes
    7)PC players will have significantly upgrade to brind it in line with the PS4 and Xbox One  versions

    It will feature the English,Spanish,Italian and French league but not all teams will be licensed but they will have licensed Uefa Champions League and Europa League.

    Usain Bolt is gonna be on PES 2018 and he will be playable in myClub mode (PES Ultimate Team).

    There will be legends.

    There are no suggestions yet that PES 2018 will incorporate VR we are probably more likely to see it in FIFA first.

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    Commented subject Resident Evil 8.
    3 years ago

    For all Resident Evil fans I found some great news.
    Producer of The Evil Within 2 Shinji Mikami attended and event to talk about the game.For you that don't know Shinji Mikami was the director of the originial Resident Evil released in 1996 and also directed many other Capcom titles such as Resident evil 1 Remake,Resident Evil 4 and Dino Crisis.He also directed many other Resident Evil titles in the series if not for him Resident Evil wouldn't exist.Shinji's relationship with Capcom has taken a turn for worst when they went against his will and ported Resident Evil 4 on Playstation 2.Then in 2007 they shut down studio that  Mikami was working for named Clover Studio.Then he left Capcom to work on a game similar to Resident Evil named The Evil Within.On the event one of the fans asked him "If asked to,and given complete creative freedom would you direct Resident Evil 8" he replied "I might".That doesn't mean he will return to Capcom but it looks like time has started to heal wounds beetwen him and Capcom and if the price is right maybe we could see him back once again.He helped them shape the series into one of the most sucessful franchises in history.The series was created by him and also died by him.
    Would you guys like to see him back to Capcom

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    opened Duped Chest and won Mannaz Rune.
    3 years ago


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