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    Legend Online 2

    Legends Online is a combination of free-to-play strategy and MMORPG by browser. We can choose between three classes: a mage, a warrior or an archer. We’re visiting and exploring locations, one by one and at the same time, completing quests we’re receiving. The combat system is turn-based and after the victory we receive experien...


    "Gladiators" offer you to become the most famous owner of the best warriors in ancient Rome! First, of course, it will be necessary to earn a reputation by starting with opening a school, buying slaves and inviting a trainer who will improve the combat capabilities of your gladiators. You will spend most of your time in the Aren...

    Music Wars

    We welcome You in a city full of various music - Soundcity - where you spend time as a hero who will have to overcome many dangers, at the same time earning prestige and developing character! Music Wars is a MMO game where you can show your own musical style by creating such character which can conquer the whole city and defeat ...

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