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    World of Warships

    Become a Commander and plunge into global naval history!The World of Warships fleet features over 200 ships, dating back to the First and Second World Wars. Find out which warship type suits you best, and amass a navy of your own.Choose the flag you want to sail under. In WoWs, you can pick from the world's leading naval forces....


    Panzar - multiplayer third-person fantasy shooter. Developed by Russian Panzar Studio. You are waiting for eight unique classes, team PvP battles, exciting PvE-adventures and regular tournaments with decent cash prizes. Developed RPG elements, the non-target system and the most advanced graphics from CryEngine 3 will make your c...

    PUBG Mobile

    The game requires to download the Android emulator - BlueStacks!The official mobile version of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.Similarly to the PC version and consoles, in the PUBG mobile game, a hundred players face each other on the still diminishing area of a small island. The winner is the one who will be last on it, so it is...

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