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    (5/5) 12 rates
    nerd_28, 25 november 2018 23:22

    Worth it or not? Spoiler Alert

    Have you ever made a mistake and then regretted it instantly? I did many times and then wondered what I'd change if I could go back. The concept of this game is just that, you have already finished the game and due to some time-space problems you have to go back on your steps, the catch is you cannot change anything since you cannot make time paradoxes. The concept immediately got me, the concept seems innovative. But is it worth your time or not?

    These screenshots may look normal but indie developer Megafuzz Games makes us moonwalk going backwards from the final boss to the first level. So "spoiler alert" the game is over before it begins, literally.

    I've being mentioning the concept quite a few times until now but we do all know that a good concept does not make a good game, so we should analyze the section of the game before coming to conclusions. There will not be a story section because of the nature of the game and since we'll look more into the gameplay. Shall we begin? 

    The Gameplay

    You think doing a platformer backwards is easy? Well to not create a time-paradox you'll have to undo all your actions including un-killing enemies, un-collecting coins, un-getting power ups etc. The game has 100 levels which are sometimes too short and the game can be finished fairly fast. The game is linear and you can finish it by pressing a button over and over, I personally didn't even fail levels as most of them were intuitive, too intuitive, with a few enemies that needed to be un-hitted multiple times. The content in this game was way too short but there is a level editor for potentially unlimited levels, unlimited fun though? I don't think so. The game is not fun even in it's short gameplay.

    The normal levels are a matter of seconds some times, so easy you will not remember anything after finishing the game. The bosses are simply defeated by jumping on them over and over again until you heal them up. The jump control even if being the only one in the game hasn't been implemented very good but you'll get used to it as it's the only real challenge in this game. If you after the 45 min to 1 hour of gameplay want to play still you can get all the best rating since there is not an active community creating levels with the level editor but rather a few valid levels among a few others. The game after finishing it truly feels like you've played a demo.

    Music and Graphics

    The style of this game is alright with fancy handrawn animation (Way below Cuphead or Hollow Knight) and some catchy tunes. Nothing to say here, the music and graphics were satisfying to the eye and good.

    Worth it or not?

    Platform: Pc, Mobile- Android/iOS
    Price: Free

    Spoiler Alert is the symbol of a lot of indie games, not gems, not under nor overrated but games that had the potential with an innovative concept yet failed. The game is 30% worth it.

    The worth it scale is set in base of how many people that will play the game will find their time on the game worth it, it doesn't include people not interested in the genre. This rating indicates 3 out of 10 people would find their time well spent.

    Rate this article Worth it or not? Spoiler Alert

    (5/5) 12 rates


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