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    (4.18/5) 11 rates
    m200_dota2, 26 november 2018 12:45

    Preview The cave

    From The Cave, the 2D titled "Point and Click" by Creative Studio and the Double Fine Indicator, which featured in each episode, left the memories of many pastry guys, Ron Gilbert directed in 2013.It's one of the best choices if you're looking for a game that's reminiscent of a life-saving concept while fun.

    When The Cave was released publicly, I fully knew that Gilbert had once again embarked on the creation of new ideas that would be a miracle for lovers of his past work, which, due to the lack of respect for the makers and the limited community of players in this style, is a miracle. When the game starts, it is visible directly to the main gate of the cave where the characters stop, a knight looking for a magical sword and gaining pride, a monk who, as he sees it, finds out in a world of excitement, a funny farmer, and Simple does not mean anything other than agriculture, and two children, named Hansel and Gretel, who are tired of following the trail that comes home, this time looking for signs of life and an adventurous woman who likes Lara Craft as unlike The Indiana Jones is not a clone of an adventure. The ocean is tired of the sea and wants something more than the world, so it's an adventure, and a scientist who has come up with the madness of science and has to decide on the path to break humanity in return for becoming a scientist and known as humanity. For your 3-man team, choose any of these characters, watch the narration of your story and dreams come true, the narrator narrator first notes that even if you kill yourself, you will not die during the game! You can take a look at the human face by eliminating tiredness and cutting off the path to its desires!

    The game's graphics are technically acceptable. From the perspective of the overall appearance, it's a beautiful and joyful art, and one of the best in the artistic arena, from the cave to the remote island, to the harmony and superb color scheme of the town hall, the eye of every playwright caressing. It gives you the opportunity to take a picture.The overall graphics look interesting and new, and the variation of the stages, despite the short availability and before you get tired of the environment, is transferred to a new location, I'm writing about the game that you're not playing for a while.

    An appealing and emotional gameplay is offered, especially with up to three characters, and it's also fun to switch between characters and challenge yourself.

    An interesting sense of humor in the game and some puzzles of the game and the appearance of the characters and interesting narratives of the tired and heavier game prevents the game, such as the puzzle you have to eat food to remove the monsters from the front, one of dozens of riddles It's fine.

    The Cave game is extremely stunning in personality. At the beginning of the stage, it may sound a little futile to hear the story of the little heroes of the story, but with more progression in the world and in the world, and the story of each one, the often purposive demands and their many problems become an important issue. The powerful narrative of the story is directly related to the puzzles, the type of individual aspirations, and the abilities of the characters to achieve their goals. Just as many things tell the audience in the most beautiful way possible without telling the dialogue.

    When the game finishes, you will have a sense similar to this famous philosophical story. In short, they saw a few men imprisoned who could only see the shadow of fire from their back on the wall, one of these people could go out of the cave after something else, And faces a new world that differs from his imagination and returns to the cave to define for the rest of what he sees, but they do not believe and prefer to remain within the safe framework of their ignorance. This is not a piece of the story of the unlikely story of the end of the game The Cave itself and the characters that you left in the cave. To get to everywhere in the game and collect all the objects of the game, you have to play 3 times with 3 different characters to see all the endpoints, paths, and stories. The special and symbolic end of the game will be impressive and memorable and will not resemble the continuation of the path of salvation that all humans have to step in.

    Fourteen different endings, seven lovely characters with different backgrounds, a variety of strange, believable and diverse strange worlds, listening to simple and pleasant stories with an example narration, and ultimately a cave that will end there, there are reasons to play this title. are. Perhaps the story and the kind of narrative of the child, like the book of children's stories, looks to the rest, but the game has a lot of great tales to say. It may not be taken seriously and it is ridiculed by some. Starting the game, the gamer starts with a sense of ignorance and ignorance, and gradually he gets the feeling of sophistication at the end of the game. It's like a journey that brings us to the evolution of our lives and gives us some explanations in our worldview. We are limited to games that have been used for a long time with your experience, and you will not forget about it after finishing the game and you will not forget the game and its messages. In the end, there is no excuse not to play this title. Oid, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, iOS, Linux, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Ouya do not miss out on most platforms in the post-time time and you Do not deprive of repetitive adventure.

    Have Fun . 

    Rate this article Preview The cave

    (4.18/5) 11 rates


    Good article, although headings would've made it even better

    27 november 2018 00:09


    27 november 2018 10:46

    Pretty robust, good work!

    26 november 2018 17:08


    28 november 2018 19:26

    Not bad

    28 november 2018 23:51

    Great game perfect write nice good ;)

    29 november 2018 18:05